Chapter 4: Memories

"- -that I conclude that Princess Hiraya has an amnesia." reported Doctor Herrero in a respectful tone to the man in front of him. But the man seems like he was not listening. His face showed lack of interest to what he's reporting. The man kept his attention at the various reports from different departments, face emotionless.

"Are you sure she's not faking it?" Was what the man said, doubt filled his tone. It was none other than, King Alejandro, the current King of Esperanza Kingdom and Princess Hiraya's father.

Doctor Herrero can't help but grimace in his mind. He knows that the King did not favor the Princess but he did not think that the King would think that his daughter (who might really have an amnesia), was just acting. The man did not even ask the current condition of the Princess, and instead the King seemed to be accusing the Princess of lying.

"Princess Hiraya is acting strange after she wakes up. I can tell that she's very different from before. It might be the effect of her falling in the river, Your Majesty." He replied politely, bowing and not looking to the King's eyes.

He is saying the truth though. Princess Hiraya is truly different from before. From the way she talks, from her confident posture, her cold penetrating eyes, and even the oppressive aura she innately had is completely cannot be seen from before.

"Don't bother with it. I know my daughter well. You can now go." King Alfredo said then waved his hand to dismissed him.

Doctor Herrero bowed first to the King before he left the room.

'Really pitiful.' he thought. He felt a tinge of pity towards the Princess. The King seems to be genuinely unbothered to what had happened to the Princess. From what he had heard, the King seems to be blaming the Princess of the Death of the Queen.

'Anyways, it's not my family matters.' he again said. Then he remembered again those penetrating eyes and he grinned, 'Looks like an interesting show would happen soon.'

Meanwhile, Frost was staring at the young lady standing in the middle of the darkness, who was also staring deeply in her eyes, "Hiraya."

Frost heard her uttered in gentle and soft voice. But what caught Frost attention is the young lady's pair of pure and untainted eyes. But such pure eyes held pain and sadness.

"Don't be sad." Frost unconsciously blurted out. She didn’t know for what reason but she doesn’t want to see the young lady in front of her sad.

The young lady was first stunned by what Frost said, she then smiled softly, "Do you know why you're here?"

"No." Frost answered immediately.

"My soul chooses you. It chooses you to help me."

"I don't understand."

The young lady smiled and in an instant, she was already in front of Frost. She then gently put her right hands towards Frost’s forehead. And a light appeared.

The two ladies' body were covered in a dazzling white light.

"It's your fault. You killed your own Mother. You're a murderer."

"Having a sibling like you is truly a disgrace."

"Why do you have to be born?”

"She can't even activate her magic. What a fool. I'm ashamed to have a Princess like her."



Series of memories were surging inside Frost's mind. Her hands formed into a fist, her jaw clenched, and her eyes darken. Her eyes were blazed in a fire. It was so scary that if anyone saw it, they would be frightened to death.

She touched her left chest. Her heart was aching. It was beating abnormally.

When the light faded out, Frost suddenly looked at the young lady in front of her. But she didn’t see any hatred, pain or even an ounce of resentment towards those people who bullied and made her suffer.

"You..." said Frost. She wants to scold the girl in front of her but when she saw the calm expression in her pair of eyes she suddenly could not utter a word.

"It's selfish to ask but can you please help me achieve happiness?" softly said by the girl, or the soul of the original Princess Hiraya.

Frost only nodded in response. Then after a couple of seconds she said, "What about your family?" Frost truly did not want to associate herself with that disgusting family.

Blaming a newly born baby of the death of the Queen is just foolishness. Such behavior deserves to be called foolishness.

They abandoned her. Tossed her to the side. Got bullied by almost everyone. Even the servants looked down on her.

Frost eyes narrowed.

Princess Hiraya sadly look down, then looked up again with a serene smile, and whispered, "I want happiness."

Frost showed a supportive smile, she was proud at her for choosing her own happiness. She deserves it.

"Good choice."

"Thank you, Hiraya." said the Princess while smiling. She was also gratefully looking at Frost before she vanished.

Frost also opened her eyes. She was still inside the library, sitting in a lotus position. She got up from her sitting position. She picked up the two books and putted it back towards its former location.

She may have appeared calm outside but inside she was feeling an intense rage. She wants to destroy something, or someone to be much more specific. She felt deeply affected to what had happened to the Princess.

She took a deep breath trying to calm herself down. She closed her eyes and when she opened it, it reverted back to its usual indifferent.

She started walking out of the library. And made her way out of the palace.

But Frost did not expect that she would meet one of 'her' siblings.

"What are you doing here?" the young man who has a gentleman aura to him said.

Frost eyes immediately darken at the sight of the person in front of him. It was Antonio Esperanza, the third Prince, and Hiraya's older brother.

Frost did not bother replying to his question and walked past him.

Antonio was surprised by her attitude, for not answering his questions. He was even more surprised when she just walked past him like he was not in there. So he turned around and grabbed her arm but Frost dodges it.

Antonio’s eyebrows furrowed and tried to grabbed her arm for the second time when Frost grabbed his outstretched hand and unhesitatingly twisted it.

In an instant, Antonio found himself pinned in the wall by her supposed to be "weak" younger sister, with his hands placed on his back. Antonio could not believe what had happened. He was speechless. He was just asking his younger sister and in a mere second, he found himself pinned on the wall.

"Don't try touching me again. I won't hold back next time." Frost said in a very cold voice, she then let go of his hand and continued walking.

Meanwhile, Antonio could only stand there in astonishment. He could not help but shocked and stiffened by how cold her voice is.

He gazes at the confident figure of her younger sister. Still cannot recover to what had happened, a thought crosses his mind, 'She's indeed acting so different from before. Looks like Doctor Herrero was telling the truth.'

He held his slightly painful arm. Antonio hadn't care for this sister of her. He doesn't really like her. The Royal Family doesn't need someone like her.

When he heard from Doctor Herrero that his 'younger sister' has an amnesia. Just like their Father, the first thing he thought is she's faking it just to get their attention.

But he never thought that it was indeed the truth. He also never thought that she would change so much. It almost felt like she's a totally different person.

He then walked from an opposite direction, still in deep thought.

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