Chapter 5: Poison

"I was right. This body is poisoned." Frost said in a serious tone after she inspected her body.

A while ago, after her encounter with her "older brother", Antonio, she went directly to her room. And started analyzing the memories that Princess Hiraya shared with her. The Princess did not activate any of the 9 magic attributes. Another reason why she was casted away by almost everyone. She was treated like an abomination by not only her family but also the people around her.

But Frost doesn't believe that the Princess truly didn't have magic. Both of her parents are powerful mages. It's rare for two astounding mages to give birth to a child who doesn't have magic attributes. So there's definitely something wrong with her body.

So when she inspected her body, she found out the cause. There's a poison blocking her spiritual root or vein. The spiritual vein is where the magic flows. Out of the body, and inside of the body. That's why she cannot activate her magic.

"Someone is definitely behind these then. They're so bold poisoning someone from the Royal Family huh." Frost said while letting out a smirk. Whoever poisoned the Princes though, is definitely not of ordinary status. Ordinary people won't have the guts to mess with a member of the Royal family, even if it's a not favored one. And she's going to find out who has the gall to do so.

But first, she needs to find a cure for this. So she started listing down the herbs she will be needing in making the antidote.

Frost is well-versed in making poison. She had to learn how to make poison and how to counterattack in order to survive. 

In her original world, Frost came from a powerful clan. The Akira Clan. Her clan was actually doing a not so legal business. Their clan have many enemies. That is why the training is also very harsh.

There are several rules. And one of them is that every child of the Akira Clan must undergo hellish training. This is a must for everyone. Frost was one of them.

They were forced to learn how to fight. Master different fighting techniques. Master almost all kinds of weapons.

Then, they were kicked inside the forest to survive on their own for a whole month.

In that whole month, Frost learned how to hunt. In the process, she was almost killed by a bear but survived using the poison she made.

When she got bitten by a venomous snake, and her life was in grave danger, she decided to bet her life on her newly made and untested poison. For almost a week, her body was fighting the poison. Poison against poison.

Her body was like fire and ice. She is feeling cold inside of her body, but when you touch her, she is as hot as fire. In that one week, Frost feel like her she was inside the hell. She's suffering. She's in constant pain. She felt like dying.

And when she thought she would die, the next morning she started feeling better. She has survived. But Frost knows better not to think that it was over. It's merely the beginning.

"Where could I find these?" Frost could not help but asked herself. There were a total of five ingredients, the other three she could just buy it in an herbal store but she's not sure if it is the same as with the last two ingredients.

“Where there is danger, where it will also be seen.” Frost said in a calm manner. She picked up a black cloak, and several gold coins to pay for the things she might needed.

Although the Princess was not favored, and her family were indifferent to her. She still receives gold coins every month as an allowance. It was not much but the Princess did not spend even one gold coin from it. She just stored it in a big brown box.

"Sorry, Hiraya. I'll be borrowing this for now." Frost said in a low voice and also picked up a small bag from the box that has gold coin inside it.

Frost didn’t know how much she would be needing, so she decided to bring more gold coins for reassurance. She also found no information from the memories the Princess shared with her since the Princess once in a blue moon went out. The Princess was isolated. She felt sad whenever someone called her a cursed so she rarely goes out. So, it is really reasonable that Frost could not find any information.

Wearing the black cloak, Frost stealthily jumps in the window of her room. She gracefully and almost soundlessly landed in the garden. She narrowed her eyes when she felt countless presence, hiding somewhere.

Frost smirked inwardly. She started walking while also expertly avoiding. Both the seen and unseen one.

Frost effortlessly escaped from the eyes of the royal guards hiding in the dark. She jumped up towards the high wall, and then jumped down.

Her brows furrowed a bit, 'This body needs to train more.'

While she waswalking towards where the market was, she could not help herself not to observed her surroundings. The houses inside the capital where the Royal Families and Nobles are staying were made in cement, gold, and lavish stuff.

After almost an hour, she then reached the market. There were many people of different statuses. The people also seemed lively. The air is unpolluted. The atmosphere here is better than Frost's original world.

But Frost did not waste her time and immediately entered the Herbal Store she first saw.

"Welcome." The man who seemed to be the owner, joyfully greeted the new arrival Frost.

The owner smilingly inspected the person wearing a black cloak. He actually wasn't bothered about it since it's almost a normal occurrence for him to meet this type of customers.

“I need this.” Frost said in a serious tone and bring out a small paper containing the ingredients she would be needing. She then gave it to the owner who looks like he is on his fifties.

The owner nodded, reached out the small paper, and read it, he then said, “We have these three plants but we don’t have these two.”

"That's alright." Frost still said in a serious voice. She already knows it. She expected it that is why she wasn’t surprised anymore.

"Please wait a minute." The owner smiled at Frost before he rushed into a room.

Less than a minute later, he came out carrying Frost's purchases.

"Would you also like to purchase a cosmos bag?"

Frost paused for a moment before she uttered a, “Hmm.” As a response to him.

If her theory was right based on the memories that the Princess shared with her. A cosmos bag is a spatial bag. It is a magical artifact that could store many things. Depends on its size though. The more expensive it is; the more things you can store inside.


"That would be two hundred gold coins." The owner happily said to Frost while a smile could not be hidden on his face.

Frost only nodded at him, brought out a bag of gold coins and putted it to the counter. She did not continue staying there and immediately went out.

Frost then started walking, looking for a store where she could buy weapons. When she saw one in the corner, she immediately entered it.

"Good day, customer. How can I help you?" Asked by a girl who seemed to be a staff, there is a polite smile onto her face.

"Dagger." Frost replied shortly.

"This way."

Frost then followed the girl. The staff took her to a room full of various weapons. Weapons of short range and long range.

Frost's lips curved up. She was feeling a little giddy inside at the sight of the weapons.

She scrutinizes the room full of weapons. She went towards where the dagger was and she picked a black dagger. It was plain yet beautifully made. She also picked another black dagger, wherein the blade was coated in red, creating an illusion of blood.

"These two." Frost uttered in a plain tone towards the staff.

The staff saw the daggers in Frost’s hands and smiled, “You have a good eye.” The staff sincerely complimented Frost which she only replied, “Hmm.”

"The two daggers would be 120 gold coins." The staff said. Again, Frost took out a bag of gold coins and gave it to the staff.

After she paid, she immediately went to the nearest restaurant. Frost was a bit hungry so she decided to eat first before going inside the forest where she could find the last two ingredients she needed.

The salivating aroma of the food was what Frost smelled the moment she stepped inside the restaurant. This is the kind of restaurant where one could say, ‘Just from the smell of it, you’ll already feel full’.

“What can I do for you, Boss?” A waiter immediately approached when he saw Frost who was still wearing a black cloak.

"Give me your specialty here.” Was what Frost only said.

"Right away, Boss."

Frost then sat down in a chair near the window. The outside view was also a sight to see.

'This is surely one of the best restaurants here.'

Frost then habitually observed the people. She can see a group of people wearing a silver cloak. There are also people who look like mercenaries who seem to be exhausted from a mission, but also hold an energetic vigor in their eyes. An odd contrast. And there were also merchants, and ordinary people.

And if she was not mistaken, the upper level was for nobles and those who have influential backgrounds.

After a couple of minutes, the waiter who greeted Frost earlier arrived while holding a tray. He then putted the foods down onto the table.

"Here's your food. Enjoy."

Frost did not waste time and immediately eat her food.

'Not bad' She said mentally. The foods here are delicious; Frost would admit to that.

Frost was eating peacefully when she heard an irritating shriek of a woman.

"Are you blind? Look at what you did to my expensive dress. Can you pay for it? You stupid lowly commoner."

Frost raised her left eyebrow and looked at who was shamelessly shouting, and ruining the peaceful atmosphere inside the restaurant.

Frost's eyes glinted for a moment seeing an average looking girl wearing lavender dress, who's humiliating the waiter. There was also a man besides her who seems like a noble or came from a wealthy family.

“I am very sorry. I didn’t mean it.” The waiter’s face was very pale, he looks very scared.

"You damn stupid waiter." The girl only shrieked at the waiter.

Meanwhile, the people inside the restaurant could only shake their heads. Although they all thought that the lady was unreasonable and it was just a pure accident, they were unable to help, or perhaps they didn't want to help the waiter because of the status of the lady. The only child of Duke dela Cruz, Lady Alice dela Cruz.

"Stupid!" The girl shouted in rage and used her magic, a water attribute. Frost saw a water ball formed in the hands of the girl.

The waiter’s pale face went paler the moment he saw the water ball on the girl’s hand. He was just an ordinary person, he didn't know if he could withstand the attack. So he just closed his eyes and prayed.

The lady was about to release the water ball, when a fork was sent flying towards her direction and hit her hand.

"AHH!." The lady in lavender dress shouted when the fork grazed her hands, causing it to bleed.

"WHO?!" she shouted frantically trying to find who the culprit was. But again another fork darted towards the heels of her sandals. When the heels of the high heels she was wearing broke, it caused her to become unbalanced. And because of that, she went tumbling.

Seeing her funny appearance, the crowds immediately burst out in laughter. Some even whistled when they saw her white underwear.

While the young man who was with the girl shook his head in contempt watching the girl’s stupid appearance. The boy didn't even bother helping her and even left her funny appearance.

Frost could not help herself and smirked when she saw the girl run while crying and hiding her face with her hands. Definitely in shame, anger, and embarrassment.

'It's just a small meeting gift... cousin.'

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