Chapter 9: Snow wolf (Part 1)

Frost directly went to the dining area after the heated conversation with her “siblings”. She was so hungry that she felt like she could eat a whole cow.

With the help of the memories' the Princess shared with her. She easily found the dining area.

She then saw the first servant she saw back then. When the servant noticed the presence of the Princess, she immediately approached her.

"What can I do for you, Princess Hiraya?" The servant said in a respectful tone.

"Please give me some food to eat. Thank you." Said Frost. Although the servant at their first meeting was arrogant, she already learned her lesson and knows how to act in front of her. Frost likes this kind of person.

Frost's attitude depends on how the people treat her. So if you treat her with respect, she'll do the same. It was that simple.

But there are really some people who should not be respected at all because of her/his sins that he/she made.
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