Chapter 10: Snow wolf (Part 2)

"I'm okay." Frost said while staring at General Valencia. Her face was indifferent but her voice was softer than before.

"Aren't you supposed to be sleeping right now Young lady, hmm?" General Valencia uttered while also looking intently at Frost.

Frost was about to answer his question when the Royal guards came rushing towards their way.

"General Valencia, who is this beautiful young lady?” One of the Royal guards asked the General while staring at Frost in awe. He was also looking at Frost in amazement, and when he saw how beautiful the girl in front of him was, he felt his heart beating fast.

And so, he could not help himself but to ask her this, "Miss, are you a beast tamer? And perhaps, single?" He was grinning playfully at Frost.

General Valencia furrowed his eyebrows and smacked the Royal guard's head.

“Ouch!” The Royal guard shrieked in pain, and rubbed his sligh
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