Chapter 17: Bitch

Frost stared at her Uncle and then nodded. She admits that she was curious about the story of Snowy.

Seeing his cute niece nods at him he smiled and started narrating, "Snowy actually was your mother's pet beast. Your mother, Ligaya had seen its miserable and almost dying appearance in the forest. It was said that humans were responsible for it, and so, Snowy was very wary towards human. It hated humans. It doesn’t want humans to approach it. Only a handful of people could approach it. Your mother saved it and brought it to the Palace. Your mother took a liking to it. Although Snowy is still a bit wary of her. It's just unfortunate that your mother has a water attribute and Snowy has an ice attribute. So she could not form a contract with it."

Frost can see the longing look on her Uncle's face. To be honest, she didn't know how to react about her mother. Since she doesn't have any memories of her. But from what she has le

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