Chapter 20: Friend

Frost actually wasn't bothered whether Antonio would spread her having a magic attribute to everyone. But she does appreciate him taking an initiative and his concerns for her. Frost wasn't slow, she knows that Antonio is starting to connect with her. He's starting to build a relationship with her. She doesn't mind, after all, he is still the Princess's third older brother.

As she walks out of the Palace, she encountered servants doing their jobs. The servants would then bow politely to her. This time, they did not have the contempt on their faces as they looked at Frost, instead they looked a bit wary. Their attitude is very different from before.

What Frost didn't know is that the news about her and the snow wolf beast had reached everyone inside the Palace. Moreover, they also heard about what had happened to Alice. And so, they were scared of Frost and the snow wolf beast. After all, they all knew how much the Royal Family

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