Chapter 23: Got stabbed

"Shut up!" The bandit leader shouted at his subordinate. Even he was regretting that he messed with this group of people. He was starting to get scared when he saw his subordinates getting killed.

He was feeling regretful but he hardened his face. In their group, only him has a magic attribute, an Intermediate rank level 2. He can fight a couple of novice rank mages and so, seeing that the four mages look to be in their teens, he immediately assumed that they would be a novice rank. He didn't expect that they were that powerful. Especially the person in black, he might not see any magic attribute, but he is sure that that person is no ordinary. Especially, how that person in black cloak expertly shot the arrow with his/her bare hands.

But can they back out now? Of course not! That's not an option.

So he decided to make a fire wolf. As an intermediate rank level 2, he can already make a magic-made beast. But

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