Chapter 35: Her Uncle is here

"Excuse me?" Town mayor Wang's mouth twitches. His ears were sharp, he clearly heard her calling him stupid. That is why he glared at her.

"Why? Am I wrong? My grandpa already told you what happened. It was self-defense. Why? Do you want us to give the money we earned to a shameless person like him?" Frost said unhurriedly and glanced at Andrew for a moment then shifted her gaze to the Town mayor again before saying, "Moreover, even if I kill a person like him, this town's people would even thank me."

Frost looked down on people like this Town mayor. People who only want their self-interest and not the goodness of their people are not a good leader, and should not be put in such a position. But this is how the world functions.

"What a poisonous lady. Did you see that Town mayor Wang? This woman doesn’t even respect you.” Andrew decided to add oil to the fire when he saw the situation. He smirked because he was sure that with Town mayor Wang’s personality, he would surely erupt in ange
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