Chapter 38: Forming a contract (Part 2)

As if hearing a magic word, the snow wolf beast's tail began wagging uncontrollably. It even howled loudly. The joy in its voice could not be hidden at all. It nodded its head vigorously at Frost and licked her face.

"Okay. Okay. Calm down." Frost laughingly said as she moves its huge head away from her face.

Frost then shifted her gaze at her Uncle who was looking at both her and Snowy. She nodded at her Uncle. Her eyes also held excitement in it.

"Uncle, looks like we're ready." Frost said in a happy tone.

Seeing his niece's signal, General Valencia nodded in understanding. He then observed his surroundings first. He walked towards the door and locked it. He then made an ice barrier for extra protection.

After that, he approached his niece and the snow wolf beast. He looked at his niece for a moment, his face gradually softening.

"Hiraya, before we start this contract thingy. You should understand that once a contract is formed, you cannot undo it. You as a master have the responsib
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