Chapter 39: King Alejandro Vs. General Valencia


Anxiousness flashes through the General's eyes while he stares at where his niece is but because of the strange light. He couldn't see whether his niece and the snow wolf beast were okay. He clenched his fist and felt a little remorse. If something bad happened to his niece, he would never forgive himself.

Meanwhile, Antonio also frowned at the thought of his younger sister being in danger. He took a step forward when a rough hand grabbed his arm preventing him from taking another step.

Antonio looked at the person holding him. It was his Older brother, Xavier.

Xavier shook his head at him as if telling him not to move further and he should just stay where he was.

"Stay here." Xavier said and shook his head at him. He then pulled back his hand.

A stubborn look could be seen from Antonio's face. He pursed his lips. He really wanted to go to his younger sister. He's worried, okay!

Antonio took a deep breath and decided to wait for what would happen next. But deep inside him, h
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