Chapter 40: Interspatial Ring

The snow wolf beast's moves very fast. Its furs were gently and constantly brushing on Frost's beautiful face.

Frost couldn't help but smile as she sat atop of the snow wolf beast's body.

She feels very comfortable. And she can feel that the snow wolf beast is happy.

General Valencia who was sitting on his horse looked back to see his niece and the snow wolf beast. He smiled when he saw the two. He couldn’t help but be emotional.

'Ligaya, are you looking at your daughter from heaven? Look how compatible Hiraya and Snowy are. I promise to properly take care of her. You can rest in peace there.' He inwardly said.

Since, his niece's face looks 80 percent of his younger sister, he couldn't help but remembered his younger sister. He knew he made a huge mistake as an older brother. His younger sister wouldn’t have had died earlier if only he had objected more to their love affair. But he couldn't also force his sister not to love.

He admits that King Alejandro was indeed a good person. He w
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