Chapter 41: Crystal-Ranked Giant Snake Beast

Frost couldn't help but be amazed. Whoever made this ring is a genius. She nodded in appreciation.

"Thank you, Uncle." Frost sincerely thanked her Uncle.

General Valencia waved his hand and feigned anger, "What's there to thank for? We're family. Besides, it was rightfully yours to begin with. I am merely keeping it temporarily."

Frost nodded at her Uncle. She then wears the beautiful ring on her ring finger.

"It suits you well." General Valencia said with a smile. When he suddenly remembered something he added, "Since your room was ruined earlier. You should just stay here."

"Yes." Frost didn't have to think about it and immediately replied. Since her room in the Palace is broken because of the fight earlier, she will have to stay at Valencia Manor.

"Uncle, Grandpa, I have to go." Frost stood up and looked at her Uncle and Grandpa.

Old General's gaze was complicated, so he sighed and finally said, "Take care of yourself. There's nothing wrong with running when there's danger."

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