Alpha's sense of smell is sensitive, especially for those who have passed through Jame's coaching hands. I used the sap to hide the smell of my body afterward and gently swung on each treetop as I approached him. Look down at a distance high enough to be safe for yourself. I used a branch that had been firmly sharpened, and at the fastest speed, I plunged down the bottom and stabbed him right in the neck, his eyes opening in amazement before collapsing.

I wiped away the blood on my hands before swinging back to the tree, the wolf was extremely sensitive to the smell of blood. I had to leave, if not just a little more Alpha would come back here, then I couldn't escape.

I moved and memorized the layout position of each area in my head. I don't know how long it would take and how vast the place was, but the chances of me escaping seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. King David didn't even let me drink his blood after every torture. This made me not strong enough to escape on my own.

It's been 15 minutes, and I estimate I've only been to a small part of the west side of the forest. The constant movement on the tree caused me to lose much strength, I did not dare to risk touching my feet on the ground. I want to extend the time as long as possible, although this is not good if I get caught back.

Going another 4km, I came across a small hut that was too old. Usually, they would install traps here, so I told myself not to go near it. But, anything I don't want is achievable. Her mother. I touched the bird's nest trap, my legs were so clenched by it that the blood was about to leak out. I wasn't finished, and in less than 30 minutes, I was afraid I'd be caught again by them.

The more I struggled to get out, the tighter my legs tightened, and the more my body was sloped back down with the banana plant position. I wanted to turn the pose upside down with both hands, but I couldn't. When the extreme panic replaced the euphoria, I realized that the smoldering pain from last night's aftermath was between my legs.

"Ah-ha, trap a bird."

The older man's voice sounded just below, and I looked down and couldn't figure out who the person was. I was glad to say, "Please, let me down."

"I don’t know what to do with my dinner. I haven't eaten meat in five years," I don't have much time left. If I don't hurry up, Alpha wolf will catch me back in front of King David. 

"I'll give you meat." Even though I don't even know if I can do it or not. I have to live first.

"No. It's not easy for me to trust people like that. Who are you?" 

What a nasty guy, I thought. Two Alphas were approaching me, they were less than 3 km away from this place, in a panic I turned on and said:

"I'm King David's man." 

He looked at me with hate, but it worked. It wasn't until I saw him quickly climbing up in front of me that I realized that this man and King David were quite similar. 

"Isn't that stinking wolf dead yet? He lived persistently, just like his father." 

He removed the steel wire wrapping my legs tightly and didn't even give me time to prepare, my whole body fell freely to the ground. The crack in my back seemed to bleed again, and I was in so much pain that I couldn't move my torso to escape. Damn older man, I didn't even have time to find the silhouette he calculated, 2 Alphas surrounded me. Andie dragged me back to the palace. Sir David was bored looking at the clock in his black clothes.

"25 minutes kill an Alpha. Well done, servant."

David gritted his teeth to show that he was angry. He kept dragging me towards the bedroom, I didn't want to be like yesterday tied up in an iron chain, there was no other way I had to negotiate directly with King David.

"We can talk.” 

"It's late, servant. Now is not the time to talk. You have to take the punishment first." David flatly refused to take any credit for me, he was busy thinking about what tools to use, I glanced at the raft of wires with extra spines, my hair raised upside down in fear. Although I can heal myself, injuries too severe to repeat too many times are not good.

David holding a long blue string without thorns. I breathed a sigh of relief, but I seemed to rejoice too soon. David didn't even touch me, he whipped the rod first down on my shoulder. The wound that healed last night was cracked again, the pain permeated the cell as if to torture all the nervous senses that pushed me into empty space.

"Where are you from?" King David coldly asked me.

"I was born here," I replied to him.

David immediately swung his hand over the second whip down my face as soon as I finished. I could feel the smell of blood. I have a beautiful oval-shaped face, round blue eyes, white complexion, and pinkish-red lips, naturally curly blonde hair that I cut neatly like a natural Alpha. David didn't know how I looked, or he really wouldn't care what I looked like. 

"Where are you? Answer me." David seemed to be unable to endure anymore. He told me with patience trying to suppress his anger.

David had wide black eyes, and I couldn't see any of the signals in them other than anger mixed with a bit of banter. I was afraid that once I said it was sure that I would die, only to get David interested in me. Would I have the opportunity to extend my time to find a chance to escape?

"I said I was born here," I emphasized again.

"30 lashes for the first time disobeying. The longer you last, the longer the punishment. Remember, servant."

Cruelly, David is trying to block my escape path with the game of death. If I accept to return early, the less time I can investigate the terrain. That means the amount of punishment I have to endure is shorter. On the contrary, the more I try to prolong my time. The number of penalties is more with a longer duration of suffering.

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