Capturing King of Green Valley

The Arina Sanctuary is located right in the center, of which the South belongs to Double Valley, the East belongs to Towner Valley, the West belongs to Green Valley, and the North is Howlin Valley. Of those, only Towner accepted Arina's control. The peace treaty between the valleys was established 50 years ago. Until I became the next king of Arina, this was no longer valid.

The spy from Green Valley delivered the mail. Tonight is the right time to attack the Green Valley palace. I have been waiting for it for almost 5 years. At all costs, I have to get Green Valley. Before he left, Mark sent me a dagger. Mark's kindness wasn't with me; he wanted me to kill myself if I failed.

Since Arina wants secrets to go to Green Valley, we must go through Towner Valley. That afternoon, we met Otis in the Towner Palace. With a happy face, black eyes, and a silver robe without a badge, his head was still wrapped in a black scarf from the first meeting. Otis greeted me with a ceremony to welcome t
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