Billionaire's Baby Mama
Billionaire's Baby Mama
Author: Mira Ace 2

Chapter 01

Chapter 01

I couldn't believe what I just heard. I was seated before the doctor who had just announced my test result.

I turned to my mom, Bella who had an unreadable expression on, but it sure met her with a shock.

How am I pregnant?, Who could have taught the silly mistake that happened could turn out to be the biggest mistake of my life?.

I had always been that girl with so much humility, the innocent 18- year old teen, until my friends convinced me to accompany them to a night club, and I got drunk, and ended up having a night stand with a random stranger.

  I took another glance at my mother who was staring into space.

" Hmm " The doctor cleared his throat and mom snapped out of her thoughts.

" Thanks doctor " Mom uttered before making her way out of the doctor's office and her guards trooped behind her.

I stood weakly before walking out of the office, and trailed silently behind my mom, with some guards behind me.

Was this a good news or a bad news?, I never thought the s_x I had with the guy could result into pregnancy?.

First, it was me losing my virginity to him and now I'm having a baby for him!, Why's my life this cruel?!!.

This's gon' cause a big damage to mom's reputation if the media gets a hold of this.

My mom had been preserving her good reputation for years ever since she became a widow.

I wouldn't want her silly mistake to tarnish it, I love my mom so much and it's the same for mom too, as I'm the only child she has, I had always been Bella's favorite.

The look on my mom's face then, in the doctor's office, it was blank, I couldn't read her expression but I knew she must have felt disappointed.

I laid on her bed, rolling from one end to the other. Mom hasn't said a word to me ever since we got back from the hospital and am damn worried.

What's gon' happen now?, Is she gon' make me abort the baby?, No, mom wouldn't allow that?.

But, I can't have a baby with no father!, I don't even know whom the guy is!, I was drunk, I don't know what he looks like.

The door pushed open all of a sudden and my heart skipped a bit.

I stood upright at once and turned towards the door, only to see mom standing by the door with no expression on her face.

" Mom.... " 

" Who's the father? " She cut me off with a snap, and I gulped down into nothing as my throat went dry, she has never shouted at me this way.

" Mom.... I .... I ... don't know " I said and I could see the change in her look as her face fell.

" You don't know him ? " She asked as her face softens, and I nodded.

Mom sighed before walking over to me while I moved back in fear.

" It's fine, I'm not gonna hurt you " She said as she sat on my bed.

" How did this happen? " She asked in a low voice but loud enough for me to hear, as she lowered her head, her hands ruffling her hair like she was frustrated.

" I'm sorry mom.... I didn't mean for it to happen!, It was a mistake, I swear " I rushed as tears trickled down my cheeks.

Mom raised her head to me and gave a short smile.

" It's fine, but we've to do something " She said and I bowed my head in shame.

It's all my fault, my clumsiness got the best out of me.

Now, I caused a problem and can't handle it alone, The look on mom made me feel terrible, she looked stressed out, like she was tired, she doesn't know what to do!.

She suddenly got on her feet and I raised my head.

" I'm gon' find out whom he is!, And find a solution to this... Stay safe, okay? " She said, and I nodded slowly.

She patted my hair with a forced smile before walking out of my room.

I heaved an heavy breath before as I laid on my bed.

Mom's trying to make me feel better!, But at the same time making me feel guilty!, Yes, I should feel guilty!, I'm giving her a hard time!, She has always been the best mother one could ever hope for, she made sure I never lacked a thing ever since dad died, gave me everything I could ever need, could give me the whole world.

And this is how I could repay her, a baby with an unknown father!!.

Gosh!, I sniffed in the tears threatening to rush out and held my head so tight.

I feel so bad and guilty!, I'm a disappointment!!!, Mom!!, I'm sorry!!!.

Tears rushed out my eyes as I sobbed silently. 

I think I should save mom from the stress!, She doesn't deserve this, she deserves better, I'm just a disappointment!, All this years, she struggled to cater for my news, struggled to get me the best education!.

She had sleepless night cause of me!, She struggled so fvcking hard to get our rights, to claim dad's properties that had been willed to us from his families!, And she suceeded, she got them!!, She put me in the best school, I dreamed of taking over her companies to relieve her of the stress she had been going through, it's just a year before I finish highschool and go to my dream college, but now it's ruined.

I'm hopeless!!, I ruined the great future I had planned together with mom, all cause of a fvcking mistake!.

" Mom!, I'm sorry " I whispered with watery eyes before walking over to my bedside drawer.

I brought out a pen and a paper as tears trickled down my cheeks.

I don't deserve to live!, I'm a disgrace!, I should die!

Mom wouldn't want this for me!, I betrayed her!, I should die.

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