Chapter 02

Chapter 02

I wiped the tears trickling down my face as I finished writing the note, it was evening already and it seems mom should be in her room.

It was a goodbye note to mom, I know this isn't right, but I can't just bring myself to her anymore, I feel like a bastard right now, I betrayed mom!.

I placed the note on the table, before walking out of my room.

I heaved a big sigh as I successfully sneaked out of the mansion without any suspicion, I was lucky to leave without arousing the guards suspicion.

I stared intensely at the enormous mansion before me, this was where my childhood begun, where mom and dad lived together with me before he died, I'm so going to miss it.

I took some few strides backwards, still staring at the mansion before finally turning and I walked away, wiping the tears that was threatening to fall.

I'm really sorry mom, I just couldn't live with the guilt. 

I sighed as I stood by the bridge, ready to jump into the water. I heaved a big sigh again as the breeze blew some few strands of hair on my face, rubbing my arms as cold hit me. 

The weather is so cold, and I was almost freezing, I guess the water will be so damn cold, I really hope I don't freeze to death.

I chuckled realizing my thoughts were actually dumb, l wanted to die anyways.

I closed my eyes deeply, ready to do the worst, until I heard someone call my name from afar.

I took in a deep sigh as I turned my head my head to the back and there was Lila, one of my friends.

" What the hell do you think you're doing " She yelled as she approached me.

" Why are you here? " I asked lowly.

" You tell me what you're doing here!!, I was coming from a dinner date with Jack " She said and I hissed inwardly, imagine, I'm here full of regrets, regretting every single day of my life, and cursing myself for agreeing with them to go the club.

But here they are, enjoying her love life with her crush while I'm thinking of ways to leave this earth.

" So, what do you think you were about to do?, Don't tell me you were about to jump down this deep river!, Girl, you could die!!! " She said and I scoffed.

" It's none of your business, you don't know what I'm going through right now! " I snapped as I walked over to her car, while she ran after me.

I got into her car and she also got into the driver's seat.

" 'Cause you're pregnant for an unknown guy? " She asked, and I turned to her, I looked away as I bit my lips.

" How did you find out? " I asked and she scoffed.

" Your mom told me " She replied

" Why? " I asked, as I turn my face to her and she raised her brow.

" She asked me how it happened, I guess she's trying to figure out whom the guy is " She replied and ignited the car's engine, before finally driving off in silence.

We both have walked into the mansion and almost immediately, mom rushes to me, she seems worried.

She engulfed me into her arms immediately, kissing my hair as she hugs me tightly.

" Are you okay?, Where were you? " She rushed at once.

" I'm fine mom, I just took a walk outside " I replied and I could hear Lila give a fake cough.

Mom released me and it was then I noticed there were some cops in the living room, and there were staring at me.

Did mom call them here?.

Why are they staring?!, Did I do a thing wrong?, Did mom find out I was trying to commit suicide?, Did she read the letter already?

" Thanks so much! She's here now, am very sorry for disturbing you " Mom apologizes to the cops.

" It's fine ma'am, have a lovely night " They replied as they walked out of the living room towards the entrance.

They were finally out of sight when Lila cleared her throat.

" Mom, she actually tried jumping off a bridge " She blurted out and moms mouth open wide open.

" What the!! " She yelled and I sighed. 

" Mom, I wasn't going to, okay?... I was just... " 

" Just what?!!!, Even if you don't care about yourself, you should care about me!, You're all I've got, you shouldn't try to ruin that cause of a silly mistake, I ain't complaining okay? " She yelled and I could see the hurt in her face 

" Mom, I'm.... "

"Hmmm..... I'll take my leave now " Lila said and bowed lightly before walking out of sight.

" Marvy, why would you think of doing that? " Mom asked, as she brushed her hair with her hand, frustratedly.

" Mom, I'm sorry, I know I wasn't thinking right, but then I just couldn't stand you doing all these for me when I did something terrible, it's making me feel guilty, I'm guilty of everything!, guilty of going to a club without your consent!, guilty of losing my virginity to a random stranger and now am pregnant for him!!, This isn't right, it's not supposed to happen!, It's a shame to our name, a shame to dad's name!!!, Mom, it could ruin your reputation!!!, And I caused this!!!, I brought this upon you!!, I'm a disgrace to you!!!!!, And I don't want to be, I hate seeing you worried and now it's cause of me, it's making me feel bad!! " I cried and I heard her release a deep sigh as she pulled me into her arms.

" It's fine, you shouldn't feel bad, I should!, I'm such a bad mother, I don't even know what my daughter's up to, it's my fault!, I've always tried to be a good mother, I never knew I was lacking somewhere!!, It's fine... You'll be fine, I promise you.... "

" I found out whom he is.... " She trailed off 

T. B. C

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