Chapter 03

Chapter 03

" Mom " I called as I broke the hug.

" You... " I trailed off and she nodded.

" Yeah, I did, it's fine, we're meeting his parents tomorrow, so you should go to bed and prepare " She said, wiping my tears.

" Mom " I called and she looked up to me.

" Who's he?, And what's gonna happen when we meet with them? " I asked and mom gave a little smile.

" It's fine, you shouldn't worry about this, I'll take care of all these " She said and signalled to me to go into my room.

I nodded and wiped some little trace of tears on my face before heading towards the stairs.

I stopped after climbing a few stairs and I turned back to see mom who was staring at me.

She gave a little smile and I sighed.

" I love you mom " I said and she smiled widely.

" I love you more baby " She replied and I smiled before turning away from her and continued ascending the stairs.

I got to my room and fell on my bed heaving a deep sigh.

For some reasons, I'm still feeling damn guilty, those words mom said made me feel guilty the more.

It's not her fault and she knows that, she's just trying to make me feel better and that alone is making me feel guilty like I just murdered someone.

My head played back to her last words before I released myself from her arms.

She found out whom he is??, Who's he?.

Is he a teen like me or someone older than me?.

I couldn't see his face, I don't even know if he's one old dude.

I really hope he's the same age as me!, I don't wanna be anyone's baby mama.

I closed my eyes slowly and before I knew it, sleep took over.

* * *

Next morning.

I took a glance at mom who was sitting right beside me in the limousine.

My heart couldn't stop palpating so hard as the drive continued.

We were on our way to the so-callled guy's house.

Mom found out whom he is but I have no idea, Mom wouldn't tell me, she keeps telling me to be patient.

I'm really scared, what if he's one old dude who would want a forced marriage with me?, I can't get married now, I still need to continue my schooling.

Or what if he denies the pregnancy?, I mean there's no proof he's responsible, or does mom has a proof?.

Gosh, all these is baffling me!!.

Or what if his parents doesn't like me?, What if they're actually richer than we are and forcefully makes me abort the baby??!!!..

No, they can do that,, mom wouldn't allow that, right?..

Gosh, I released a deep breath and that made mom turn to me.

She sighed and touched my hair, patting it slowly.

" It's fine, you'll be fine..... I promise " She assured and I forced a smile.


" We're here " The driver announced and my heart beat increased, as it began beating intently.

" Baby " Mom tapped me and I raised my head.

" Are you okay? " She asked and I nodded, before alighting from the car as the guards made way for me.

I looked up at the big and enormous mansion before me.

Staing at the magnificent building in front of me , I could only admire it. I had seen many houses before, but none ever matches the beauty of the one I'm staring at right now. 

Tho, our house seemed just like this, but I just can't help than to compliment whoever made this.

I couldn't help wondering what the interior view will be like, seeing how beautiful the exterior view looks like. 

Pulling out of my trance, I forced my legs towards the entrance door as mom led the way with Carl, her Personal Assistant, while the guards stood by the door, while I resisting the urge to stand there, and stared at the building all I can. Stepping into the living room of the building, my mouth finally drop opened, as I behold the most beautiful sight ever. 

My eyes roamed around the entire place, from the portraits, hanging on the walls, to the paints on the wall, my eyes darted to the big chandelier lights, hanging on the ceiling, and I could only gulped down nothing at the sight before me

For some seconds, I thought I had already left planet earth, I had seen so many beautiful houses before, but not this heaven on earth. Just the sight of the couches, looking so beautiful, caught my attention. Furthermore, I stared around the room again, taking in the beauty of the flowers in the flower vase, the tiles on the floor, the center table, which was sparkling neat, with no trail of dust on it, and finally, the expensive looking curtain, hanging on the window.

They are indeed billionaires likes mom, 'cause this is too perfect, for some minutes, I forgot my worries. 

I forgot what I was here for, forgetting totally the worries at my hand.

Suddenly, we heard footsteps descending the stairs and we looked up.

And there was the classiest couples ever, dressed in matching classy outfits that I couldn't help but envy them, I suddenly wished dad was alive.

How sweet would it have been?, We three could match in outfits, we could be the classiest family ever!.

" To what do I owe this visit from the great Mrs Diones? " The woman who I'm sure was the wife asked as she offered a handshake.

Mom flashed her a smile before accepting her hand.

" Can we sit please? " Mom asked and they nodded with smiles.

" Sure " The couples replied together and I couldn't help but envy them again, they look so perfect together.

" I'm sorry, where's your son? " Mom asked

" He should be here by..... " She was interrupted by footsteps descending the stairs and we all turned our face to him, and there he was, clothed in full glory, his walks majestically and I couldn't help but drool, He's an angel!!.


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