Chapter 05

Chapter 05

I dragged my feet inside as I alighted from the car.

" She's here " I heard Carl say to mom as he sighted me.

" What did she say? " Mom asked, on seeing me.

" She thinks we're trying to force me on them, she hates me " I said, slowly as I made my way to the stairs.

" Are you okay? " I hear her ask and I stopped.

" No.... Not at all... I feel guilty, I feel pain... I feel bad... I feel mad " I said, my voice cracking as tears threatened to fall.

I turned and our face met.

" Marvy, you shouldn't care about what she said, they have no choice than to take responsibility of the baby, we're not forcing you on them, they have to take responsibility, it's not our fault, it's not your fault, it's no one's fault, or it could be their son's fault " Mom said

" It's all my fault mom, you don't have to worry about the outcome, I'll bear with anything that happens, I caused this upon myself, you don't have to be a part of this, any disgrace that's gon' come with this should be mine, not yours " I said and with that turned and ascended the stairs, before breaking into tears as I entered my room.

I don't want to think about anything again!!!, It's frustrating!!, I'm frustrating!!!, My life is frustrating!!, I can't think anymore!!.

What if she finally accepts me and then try to hurt me!!, She doesn't look nice!!, This smirk on her face keeps replaying in my head!!..

I feel scared!!, And her son!!, He doesn't look like one who's gon' care about the baby!, She said it herself, he's a playboy!!!.

What have I gotten myself into?.

I cursed the day I stepped into that club house!!.

My phone ringing cuts me out of my thoughts and that got me started for a while before I traced where it was.

I grabbed it and Lila's name displayed on my screen as the caller.

I sighed before picking it thi I didn't want to, they're a cause of all these.

" Hey, Can you come here right now? " She rushed, sounding urgent.

" See Lila, I ain't in the mood for all these "I said and I could hear her low hiss.

" I'm serious!!, He's here... " She said and that seem to get me captivated.

" Who? " I asked, listening intently.

" The guy!!, I mean, the one responsible.... For the pregnancy " She said and I raised my brow.

" I . don't get.. " I said, confused.

" Alright, hold on " She said and hanged up.

" Did she mean Tyler??, Where could she have met him??... A club???.... " I asked and my phone beeped almost immediately.

I clicked on the message notification and his face came into view immediately.

I felt my heart beat increased as I stared at the picture, or probably let's say my heart sank!!

This is supposed to be the so-called father of my baby!, Here he is!!... In a pool filled with bitches!!!.

Is he really a playboy?!!, I scoffed inwardly at my thought.. He fvcking slept with me on our first meeting, taking advantage of drunkenness!!!.. What more could get have done?!!!.

My phone beeped, she sent another image.

I glared at the image right at my face, He was smoking aggressively here!!!.

He's just a teen for fuck's sake!!..

Can I ever cope with this?!!... No!!, No I can't!!.

I shook my head as tears brinks from my face!.

I've always had this dreamy future!, A peaceful and lovely future, to live with my prince charming with our cute kids!!, I've always dreamt of getting married to a handsome billionaire, a responsible man at that!, I've always dreamt of getting married to the father of my children!!!..

That dream can't possibly happen now!!, I can't have a baby for a smoker, or a player or a badboy!!.

I'm not even old even for marriage or for having kids now!!, I need to go to college!, It's always been my dream to!!.. Is all this not about to be ruined?!!!.

It's about to!!, And it's all cause of him!!, And he doesn't even care, he doesn't even know if I exist!!!!.

Gosh!!!, I groaned as I felt a sharp pain hit my head!!.

I fell on my bed and closed my eyes tiredly, I have to talk to mom about this!!!, I don't want to keep this baby!!!..

* * 

" Mom..

" Mom..

" Mom .."

I kept hearing this tiny little voice in my head and I sprang my eyes open, only to see a beautiful, little angel sitting on front of me.

She looks like a replica of me, she was wearing the same dress as mine, but fitted to her size.

She had black long eyelashes which made her look cute, her hair was so long just like mine and it had cute bangles on it, she was wearing the same wrist band as mine, and she had smiles on her face.

" Amelia " I heard a non-farmiliar manly voice and I turned only to meet with a blurry face.

His face was blurred, I couldn't see his face, but his body looks perfect, his shape, his skin, just like I had always dreamt of, he looked like the perfect husband I had always wanted, 

" Dad " I heard Amelia say as she rushed to the guy.

He lifted her up with a smile and kissed her hair.

" Where's your mom? " He asked and Amelia pointed her tiny hands towards me.

I glanced back but there was no one there, Me??

" Mom " She called in her tiny voice.

" Mom?!! " That was the first thing rhat escaped my lips as I spranged up from my bed, breathing heavily.

What was that?!!!, Mom??!.

My hand unintentionally found its way to my tummy and I gasped.

My baby?!!, Amelia??, Who was the guy??, He's not Tyler, right?!!..

What's the meaning of the dream!?, Why should I dream of a baby!?, She's not mine right?...


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