Chapter 06

Chapter 06

I opened my eyes with a slight groan as I tried getting off the bed. 

" Marvy " I heard someone call and I turned, it was my personal maid, Lia. She bowed lightly.

" Ma'am wants you downstairs, she said you should have your bath and meet her soon " Lia said and I groaned mentally.

" Alright " I replied and sent her off with a wave.

Where're we headed to again?, Gosh, it's tiring. 

I walked into the bathroom, whitsling along as I undressed myself.

I entered and turn the shower on, I stayed under the shower for so long before grabbing my brush and began scrubbing my body.

Sometimes I just enjoy bathing like this, instead of bathing in the tub.

I was finally out of the bathroom, I walked over to my closet while drying my hair with a towel.

I was finally done dressing up and I walked out of my room, descending the stairs as I walked over to mom who was seated in the living room engrossed in reading a mail on her laptop.

Phew!, Being a business woman ain't easy.

" Mom, am done " I announced and she hunmed in response.

" Give me some few minutes, you can go eat your breakfast " Mom said and I nodded as I walked over to the dinning room.

I sat down and the maids served my meal and I dig in immediately, devouring my meal.

It was then I realized I hadn't been eating frequently for some days now.

Marvy, you don't wanna starve your baby!, Huff!, She's still a foetus.

I choked on my food and a maid rushed to me immediately with a glass of water which I gladly took from her.

She?, How sure am I that my baby's gon' be a girl?, Or, do I really believe that silly dream?.

I shrug the thought outta my head and continued devouring my food.

* * *

* Hill Crest Medical Clinic *

I read out the building's name in which I was standing, mom right beside me including Carl and some guards.

We were putting nosemasks on to prevent attracting people, yeah, mom's really a popular figure in the country.

" Mom, why are we here? " I whispered gently to mom, Hill Crest is declared one of the biggest hospitals in town, Infact, we could say only rich folks come here.

I'm not suprised we're here, but why?, this isn't our family hospital.

" We're here for a test " Mom said and with that, led the way while her Carl (her pa ) walked behind her.

I sighed before following them, We've been going to lots of places, which am not really comfortable with, I don't like outings, but I bought this upon myself anyways.


We were finally inside the hospital building, and I was inside a ward with mom, sitted on the hospital bed, where I was asked to lay down.

They had extracted some blood from inside of me and I still wasn't told the reason, but since mom's aware, am a bit calm.

" Mom, how long am I to lie here? " I asked mom.

" Just hang in there for some minutes baby " Mom replied and turned to the doctor standing beside her.

" Are they done? " Mom asked

" They should be here soon, Tyler's delaying a bit " The doctor replied with a smile.

Tyler?, Did he mean, Tyler?, Like Tyler??.

What's he doing here?, Why am I here?, What are they doing to us?, Us?, I shouldn't care about what they're doing to him, I only want to know what's going on, I hate being left in a confused state.

* Meanwhile in Tyler's ward *

Writer's pov

" You sure mom? " Tyler asked for the umpteenth time. 

" Yeah, am sure, come on " His mom replied and Tyler sighed before turning to the doctor.

" What am I to do with this? " He asked, swaying the oral swab in front of him.

" You're to rub it inside your cheek, and that's all " The doctor replied and Tyler scoffed inwardly before doing as he had been told.

" Here " He said and dropped it on the bed before standing.

" Mom, I'm out , bye dad " He said and pecked the duo's cheek before walking out of the ward.

Anna ( Mrs Bills ) heaved a sigh of relief before turning to Mr Bills.

" If all these turned out to be unreal, I'm not gon' take this lightly with them " She said and Mr Bills scoffed before walking out of the ward, without saying a word.


Marvy's Pov

I gulped down into nothing as the doctor announced the result, I found out they were only carrying out a NIPP( Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity test) on me, to find out if Tyler was really responsible for my baby.

I could see the shock on Mrs Bills face, she looked angry and annoyed at the same time.

I knew she didn't expect this.

" Since you found out the truth now, I hope your son would take responsibility for his baby " Mom said and I scoffed inwardly.

It's my baby, not his. Wait, what am I saying?.

" Yes.... Since we have no choice now " Mt Bills said.

" It's all our fault for not mentoring our son well, if not he wouldn't have got us into this mess, and I'm glad his mother is here to witness all this " His said, rasing his tone slightly.

I could see that look of disappointment on his face. He never imagined his son could do this, the same look mom had on when she found out.

" So, what do we do now? " Mrs Bills asked, scrunching her face angrily, but covering it up with a smile not to make it obvious, but I knew mom noticed as she released a short smirk.

" It's up to you now, I'm fine with my daughter and her baby, all I wanted was you two admitting your son is responsible for this " Mom said and I could see Mrs Bills trying so hard to scoff but held it in.

You must be thinking, but yes, my eyes were focused on her.

" How about Marvy move in with us? " Mr Bills blurted out all of a sudden and at that moment, my ears behaved like they weren't mine as I didn't think they were working perfectly.


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No doctor would accept that swab as he could have just cross-contaminated it by dropping it on the bed. Come on writer!!!

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