Chapter 07

Chapter 07

I turned to mom and she also had that surpr ised look on, the hell, why am I to move in with them, ‘cause I’m pregnant for their son doesn’t mean I have to move in with them, I have my life to live, moreover I can’t live without mom, she has become a huge part of my life that I don’t think I can survive without her.

‘’ What do you mean? ‘’ Mom suddenly asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

‘’ Since she’s carrying Tyler’s baby, which definitely means he’s the father of the baby, and I don’t want my grandbaby have a different father or mother…. ‘’ He trailed off.

‘’ So… ‘’ Mom asked.

‘’ I want Marvy to be Tyler’s wife… ‘’ He said and I scoffed inwardly, Is he joking or what?.

‘’ How is that possible? ‘’ Mom asked.

‘’ Yes, how’s it? " Mrs Bills cut in.

‘’ They don’t know each other, and I don’t think my daughter would be interested in your son ‘’ Mom said and I nodded slowly, tho no one was paying attention to me.

‘’ That’s right, I don’t think Tyler would want her ‘’ Mrs Bills said, pointing at me like I was some piece of trash.

‘’ Marvy, go wait for us outside ‘’ Mom suddenly said and I shrug a little and she glared at me, I nodded slowly before dragging my feet outside but I could feel Mrs Bills glare at me.


I groaned lightly tapping my feet on the floor, it’s been 3 minutes already and they’re yet to come outside, are they planning to sell me off. 

I chuckled at my thought and turned my face sideways and it met with Tyler who was standing right next to me and I flinched.

‘’ Fvck ‘’ I cursed and he chuckled before sitting on a bench, right next to us.

‘’ You know you could have your sit,, instead of draining yourself by standing ‘’ He said and I scoffed inwardly before walking over to the seat, and I sat down.

Wait, why’s he talking to me, We’re not friends right, does he remember me that night, or did his mom tell him I’m carrying his baby.

‘’ We meet again girl ‘’ He suddenly said, as he sat up and was now sitting so close to me, his face boring into mine.

‘’ What’re you talking about? ‘’ I asked and I sighted that silly smirk across his face.

He shifted closer again, despite the fact that there was no space between us and he pressed his body against mine, while I shifted back uncomfortably, pressing my back against the wall.

‘’ Your body still looks nice and tempting as they had looked then,,, makes me losing myself a bit ‘’ He whispered into my ear, his hot breath fanning against mine and I sat still unable to do a thing, like I was trapped in his handsome and breath-taking face as I kept staring at him, while he did the same.

‘’ Ahem ‘’ Someone cleared his throat behind us and I pushed him away with my whole strength, standing up immediately, and my gaze met with Mom, Mr bills and Mrs bills.

‘’ Seems they’re getting along well than we’d thought ‘’ Mr Bills said and I heard Tyler give a short chuckle.

Gosh, he doesn’t even know what he had caused, I was such a fool to had fallen for his charms.

‘’ We shall leave now ‘’ Mom said behind Mr Bills and he nodded.

‘’ Sure, see you soon ‘’ He said and mom nodded before bowing a little and he did the same, and I joined in before walking away, not without sparing Tyler a glance, he winked at me and I look away, before hurrying after mom.

We both got into the car, including Carl and the driver drove off.


** Home **

‘’ You should pack your stuffs, you’re leaving tomorrow ‘’ Mom said, as she ascended the stairs and I arched my brows.

‘’ Mom!! " I called and she turned with a sigh.

‘’ What?? ‘’ She asked and I shook my head, unbelievably.

‘’ Don’t tell me you agreed to me leaving? " I asked in disappointment.

‘’ I have no choice ‘’ She replied.

‘’ Mom, you can’t just leave me with them!, we don’t even know them! … ‘’ I yelled.

‘’ But you’re carrying their son’s baby ‘’ She cut me off

‘’ Mom… ‘’

‘ I mean, you didn’t think about before you went ahead and had s-x with a total stranger, now it’s time to face the consequences, you’re blaming me, I’ve tried my best, it’s left to you now … ‘’

‘’ It’s up to you if you want your innocent baby to be without a father, it’s up to you if you wanna be a single mom!! " Mom yelled and I didn’t know when the tears I had been holding fell freely.

Mom noticed this and sighed as I saw guilt flashed across her face.

‘’ I’m sorry ‘’ She said as she walked over to me and pulled me into a hug.

‘’ I shouldn’t have said that, I just wanted the best for you, I just don’t want you to turn out the same way I did, you don’t know the pain I went through trying to nurture you, I don’t want you to experience that ‘’ Mom said, pulling me tighter to herself as I heard her sob quietly.

It must have been so hard for her, I understand her.

‘’ I love you,, okay?? ‘’ Mom said and I nodded slowly, wiping my tears with my thumb while she patted my hair slowly.

‘’ Mom… ‘’ I called and she hummed in response.

‘’ I’ll go,, for you ‘’ I said with a smile and she nodded before kissing my hair.


I sighed as I entered into the car and waved slowly at mom who I could notice was trying so hard to hold her tears.

It isn’t easy for her watching me leave, the same way it isn’t easy for me living without her.

All my life, I had always been with her, the worst and best moment of my life had always been with her, tho I had knew a day like this would come when I would leave her. But not now, it feels so soon.


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