Chapter 08

Chapter 08

I sighed as the driver drove off while I kept staring back at mom, my head out of the car and she waved at me while I waved back, trying to hold the tears that was threatening to fall.

I finally brought my head back in and closed my eyes as the drive continued.


We finally arrived at the mansion and I was welcomed wholeheartedly by some maids who helped with my stuffs in but all this wasn't appealing to me.

I hate the fact that I had to stay with the Bill's family now, and to top that, with their playboy son, could my life ever get worser then this?.

" Please come in " The maids said to me and I nodded slowly as I forced a smile.

I walked into the living room, and there was the whole member of the Bill's family, sitting dangerously on the chairs dangerously as ever.

I stood dead on my tracks and bowed li

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