Chapter 11

Chapter 11

" Mom " I heard the little voice again in my head.

" Mom " The sweet angelic voice called again and my eyes flashed open when it hit me I was a bit familiar with the voice.

And there she was sitted on the bed beside me, I rushed to her immediately and pulled her into my arms.

" My baby " I cried, engulfing her in my arms while she flashed her white teeth at me.

" Don't cry mommy " She said and I nodded, wiping my tears.

" I love you " I said and she smiled.

" I do, daddy does too " She replied, pointing at a direction and my eyes diverted to the direction, but there was a bright ray of light coming from that place and it almost made me blind as I couldn't see a thing, and I averted my gaze away immediately.

" Are you okay? " I asked and she shook her head and I was confused.

" No, I'm not okay.. you don't want me " She cried and started moving away from me.

" Hey, I want you.. come " I tried to grab her but she dodged and instead burst into tears.

" Daddy, mommy doesn't wan
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