Chapter 35

Chapter 35

More like the heavens wanted to save me from the states I was getting right now when Tyler kept his gaze transfixed on mine with no expression on, he had a completely straight face making me feel weird that I had a shock look on.

My phone happened to beep at this moment, interrupting my gaze on his.

" Excuse me please " I said to Alina who nodded and I rushed out, not after passing Tyler a last glance.

I finished receiving the call, it was mom. She wanted to ask me about how my day went.

But why the hell is Tyler here? I didn't tell him about my plans to come here then, did I? No I didn't, I didn't even have plans of coming here before anyways.

Oh God, my college days is about to go awkward. Wait, is he going to start questioning me now?

I.. I don't even know what to think right now, I can't go back in there. I definitely can't.

With that, I brought out my phone and texted Amy.

*Bring me my meal to the hostel please* I sent with a puppy pleading face and I made my way bac
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