Chapter 36

Chapter 36

" What do you mean? " He asked.

" Um.. I didn't mean it like that, I just.. Sorry " I muttered and he chuckled.

" I'm his foster brother " He replied and I turned to him at once.

" Really? " I asked and he nodded.

" Does she know? " I asked and he shook his head.

" Everyone knows except for her " He replied.

" But.. why are you telling me this? " I asked.

" 'Cause you asked and I kinda like you " He said with a big smile on which I find flirty or it's probably just my thinking.

" Are you a flirt? " I asked, dimming my eyes to his and he chuckled.

" You're so funny " He responded with a loud chuckle that sounded cute, really cute.

I was about saying a thing when a shadow I couldn't see clearly standing some inches away from us called him.

" White " His voice came out gently and even without seeing him clearly, I could recognize that voice of his, Tyler.

" See you later " He said and then touched my hair slowly before standing up and then walking away to him.

He got to him. "
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