Chapter 37

Chapter 37

I looked away immediately and didn't realize I had a blush on my face until Anita informed me.

" Come on, you two should settle things. Ask him why he never called you and maybe he has a reason for that " She said but I shook my head.

" He didn't mean the kiss. Your cousin is a playboy and we both know it " I muttered.

" Not anymore. He changed Marvy " She said slowly.

" Really? " I asked unbelievably and she nodded.

" Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I found out too and ever since then, he hasn't been interested in girls, not even Lila who has been forcing herself on him. I guess you may be the reason, his heart probably still beats for you and maybe during those times when you two were away from each other, he realized he was in love with you " She explained.

" But if that's true. Why didn't he at least call or.. I don't know "

" Well, you should ask him that, he's right there boring holes into your body " She said and I sighed silently.

Is she right? But.. do I? Do I hav
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