Chapter 38

Chapter 38

*Marvy's POV*

" We should head back in now" Tyler said and I nodded. " I will walk you to your dorm" He said and I nodded lightly, we both walked down the rooftop and to my dorm.

"Thanks" I said, on getting to the entrance of my dorm.

"Anytime" He said with a little smile, revealing his left sided dimple.

He turned to leave but I stopped him with a stutter and he turned to me with a raised brow.

" Um yeah, um.. your eyes.. " I began and his brows twitched.

"Why do you have lenses own? Don't you think your real eyes are more prettier?" I asked.

He was quiet for a while until his lips twitched into a little smile.

"Exactly, they make me more prettier" He said and then poke my cheeks gently before walking away.

I smiled brightly till I realized my cheeks were hurting and I tried to make them fade off before proceeding into the room.

"Hey?" Amy looked suprised to see me, at the same time making me confused.

"What?" I had to ask.

"Don't you have a class?Anita left some minutes
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