Chapter 40

Chapter 40

*Marvy's POV*

"Bye" He said in a mutter and left at once before I could stop him.

Alright, what the hell is this!? Where did his ego go to? Isn't he supposed to explain whatever it is his mom had said then. Didn't he said he loves me? Are we going to get anywhere this way?

Oh Gawd, I should really get a sleep, My head is banging.

** A week later **

So literally, it's been one fvcking weeks and I haven't laid my eyes on Tyler, like not even a sight of him. I did literally nothing wrong, why would he be running from me? Or is he not? I'm definitely probably the one who's been too busy to catch a glimpse of him.

This could probably not be true cause I've been literally everywhere just to get to talk to him and talk out things with him, literally everywhere, except.. Oh, I forgot that one place..

With this, I hurried to my heels and raced myself to "his" rooftop, the only one place he could be on a Saturday.

So I got there, breathing heavily like I was being chased and th
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