Chapter 41

*Marvy's POV*

And with that, I proceeded to Miss Latina's office. I don't know but I'm just eager to know whatever it is she calls him for, it's not.. no, no.

Oh Gawd, 'am I trespassing?' I thought to myself as I tried to open Miss Latina's door without knocking.

Oh gawd, I'm really having dirty thoughts right now but still I don't have to invade their privacy.

I was about knocking when the door suddenly pushed open with force and there was Tyler looking angry.

His shirt was a bit scattered, his hair too and Miss Latina right behind him trying to call him back and she.. her chest was open.

I could see her bare chest, I brought my face back to Tyler and he looked shocked to see me and his angry face had all soften up.

"Hey, it's not..."

My eyes caught the lipstick on his neck, imprinting a lip on them and whose lips was that?Miss Latina's of course, *scoffs*

I'm really so stupi.d for believing anything that came out of this dude. We've only met again for three weeks and I foo
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