Some job Ashley did, I thought to myself as I stood outside of the door of my first period class. I think I was expecting her to be at my side through out the day, but instead she dropped me off at my first class, followed by general directions to all my others. Here we go. The new girl was my title now. I didn't like it, but it was better than some of the alternatives. I walked into the class, keeping my head down. The female teacher who sat at her desk rose to her feet, smiling. Her red hair was tied to the back, where loose curls hung. Her hands went automatically to her side, and I could tell she hadn't been a teacher for more than a few years. She wore loose tan jeans and a navy blue button up shirt. After all, not many teachers got the excited look in their eyes when getting a new student. I could tell she had been expecting me. She explained that the students were doing an independent reading for the remainder of class, and since I had yet to check out a history
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