The next day, the whole hall was filled with excited whispers among the omegas. I did not know what was so exciting that had their eyes lit up and talk about it constantly.  I touched the bandage that covered the mark on my neck, making sure it’s still there and then went into the crowd.

As I go to wash the dishes in the sink, I heard two omegas who are cooking food whispering quietly, 

‘Will you be going? I am excited!’

‘Of course! Stay with me the whole time, okay? I would be scared alone there. I can’t help but think how generous it is of the alpha to make it a rule that now all of us omegas are compulsory to attend school! We can train like other pack members from now on!’

My hands stilled on the dishes, my body in shock. I kept staring at the wall blankly, trying to process what they had just said as they continued chatting excitedly.

‘Alpha Wyatt always told us that we were only allowed to do house chores and sleep. I feel like it is a new beginning for us.’

‘It is. All our arrangements are being done by the alpha, so we will not have to think about the costs and stuff. I can’t wait till tomorrow!’

A bittersweet feeling spread through me. For the first time, I got a feeling that he is a good alpha. Not a tyrant or cruel in nature as the rumours about him had been spread all around. As much as the thought warmed me, it pained me even more recognizing that he will never be mine even though we are destined.

We were supposed to attend school from today. It was nine am and I and other omegas of my age that were supposed to attend school had already finished all our work before returning to the dungeon to prepare for school. 

“Here are the clothes, stationery, and bags.” Olivia’s irritated voice rang in the hallway right before a thump echoed, “each bag has a name stamped and contains your personal things, so don’t try to switch. Handle it on your own now, I am leaving.”

She went away, the omegas had picked up their own bags one by one. When everyone went away, I bent down to pick up the last bag with my name and went inside to get changed into my school dress.

When I pulled out the school dress, I noticed that it was one size shorter than my actual size. 

Damn it, Olivia!

The school has not even started and she has already begun her evil deeds to suck the soul out of me. 

It is the first day of school and alpha’s orders to attend the school can not be ignored. All I could do was close my eyes tight, swallow the frustration, suck it up, and wear the damn dress.

The shirt was straining against my chest, the buttons barely holding it together, and the skirt basically starts at my lower waist and ends at right below my hip, showing everything that it is supposed to hide. If I just bent down a little, it will expose my panty.

I decided to wear black leggings underneath the dress. I think it would be better to just violate the school code than to get exposed lewdly in front of the whole school on my very first day. I will fix it after I come back or request for the correct size, but right now I don’t really have any other option.

By the time I reached school, all I could feel were burning gazes on me. First, my dress which looked like I was about to advertise a porn movie any minute now. And then the label of ‘murderer’ seems to be stamped on my forehead. No one wants to get close to me or talk to me.

I forced myself to think I was blind and deaf, and walked inside the classroom, taking a seat at the empty table in the back. Soon the class filled in, the teacher came in, the class started. It had been five years since I had last attended the school. The more the teacher talked, explained, the dumber I felt. I could not answer even one question that she asked. 

And to increase my frustration, throughout the class I could feel burning gazes on me. By the time the classes ended, and lunch time arrived, my already gloomy mood had turned to sadness. I was embarrassed.

I walked out of the class, and went to the cafeteria. As soon as I entered, a boy shouted, “Make way for Miss Universe! Walking to school in her most desirable uniform.”

Giggles started to burst everywhere. My face turned red, the remarks continued, 

“Slut.” a girl said with a cough laugh as I walked past her, her fingers flicking my skirt from behind.

I quickly put my hand behind, covering my skirt. I was ashamed, the feeling of extreme humiliation.

My next class was on the top floor of the school building. I was walking through the corridor, when I felt a sharp tug on my neck, cutting my neck slightly and leaving me gasping for breaths as I painfully clutched my neck.

When the sensation passed, I looked up with tear filled eyes. Four people stood in front of me. Two girls, two boys, all stronger than me. One of them was Olivia, and I knew I was doomed.

A golden neck chain with a locket in the middle dangled from Olivia’s fist in front of my eyes. My horrified gaze slid from the locket to Olivia’s face.

“Give that to me.” I asked softly, extending my palm in her direction.

She rolled her eyes, “I would not have snatched it off your neck if I wanted to just ‘give it back’ to you, dumb bitch.”

She knew what it meant to me. She had seen it being put on my neck by my mom after dad had handed it to her. This was the only thing I had left of my parents. She knew that.

“Olivia.” I said anxiously, I could not risk losing it, “please.”

Olivia and her pals burst out in laughter seeing my pale, tensed face. Olivia roughly started to swirl the locket in the air carelessly, I was afraid she was going to break it.

I stormed forward in an attempt to snatch it out of her hand but she quickly took two steps back, and one of her friend came forward to grab my hands behind my back.

Olivia slapped me across the face, her eyes burning, “Stay put! You want it back? Pay a price.”

“I don’t have any money.”

“I know that already,” she giggled, “you have been a beggar all your life. I was not going to ask for money from a beggar.”

“What do you want then?”

Her eyes flashed with irritation. She suddenly got close to me and sniffed. Her lips curling up in a sneer, she pulled back and spat out, “Why the fuck do you have a faint scent of alpha over your body?”

My fists tightened as tension filled me instantly.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I lied.

She licked her lips, her gaze scrutinizing and filled with hatred, “You want this locket back, right? Come with us to the rooftop, scream for the whole school to hear- ‘I am an Alpha- seducing whore’.”

She was much more powerful than me. She trained daily. There was no chance in hell I was going to be able to defeat her, let alone three other people that stood around me with her. And that locket in her hand, it was the only memory of my dad left to me. 

It was not like I had any pride left? I had been humiliated severely in past years. One more blow to my pride would not perhaps kill me. ‘I can do this.’ I whispered to myself, ‘just get it over with and take the locket back. I can never be able to live without that last memory because it is the only thing that keeps me alive, reminding me that mom and dad would not want me to give up on life until I have given it my all.’

“Okay.” I gulped, and muttered through choked throat, “I will do it.”

I followed them to the rooftop, my legs were shaking. The one holding my hands behind me finally pushed me forward, letting me lose as Olivia grinned, “You remember the line right? Go over there and scream it at the top of your lungs.”

I walked towards the edge of the rooftop. The ground was clear in front of my eyes, it was empty.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart and not let my emotions take over my senses. I did care for what others would think of me after this, perhaps my reputation will be ruined, but I did not have any other option left.

So I shook off all the thoughts, and screamed, “I am an Alpha- seducing whore.”

Olivia and her friends burst out in laughter behind me. One of them was holding a camera, standing just a few inches away from me.

“We did not hear it. Say it again.” Olivia ordered, “Louder.”

I did.

“Once more. Scream it out loud. Everyone should know you, right?” Olivia giggled.

I breathed deeply, swallowing my tears, and screamed again.

“Ooooh… the video has exploded with views!” Olivia’s friend who was making the video of me announced happily, skimming over to his other friends to show them his phone.

I turned around to face them, “Now give that back to me.”

Olivia was staring at me intently, her eyes blank and a smile on her lips, “Aw… you want your mama’s thingy back? What are you going to do with it anyway? Isn’t she already dead and buried in the ground?”

She started to take steps towards me, her hands folded over her chest, her friends following her to walk to me.

“I don’t really think she would be happy to see you alive, Mia. Seeing you live such a pathetic life where you have to beg other people for food, for school, for this… dirty chain, she would think it is better that you just die instead of humiliating their name.”

They all were standing right in front of me now, I was pinned against the rooftop wall that came just as high as my hip. I was leaning back, supporting my body with my palm on the edge, my heart thumping hard in fear as Olivia was almost nose to nose with me.

“I just want that locket back.” I requested as gently as possible.

“Do you, really?” she tilted her head to the side, smirking, “then go and fetch it, fucking bitch.” she screamed, throwing the locket high up in the air and in the open school ground behind me.

I watched in horror as it fell on the grass somewhere in the widespread, hundreds of acres wide big ground.

I pushed hard at her chest instantly to run downstairs and find the locket. But they all grabbed my arms and started to push me back, bending me backward over the edge, “Why not jump from here? Go fetch it, Mia!”

I was shouting for them to let me go, my voice shrill in the air, my face covered in dread. I could not breathe, my body was trembling terribly.

As my foot slipped, I fell back, my body falling from the edge and towards the ground but at that very moment, a soft body cushioned my fall, throwing me on the opposite side.

I opened my eyes, breathing heavily, and flipped around in shock.

A gigantic, white wolf was standing on the edge of the roof, growling dangerously at Olivia.

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