The wolf had ice blue eyes that burnt into Olivia’s trembling figure. There was no scent emitting from him for us to recognize, perhaps it was just an animal wolf instead of a werewolf? But it’s freaking HUGE. 

It had its eyes pinned on Olivia as it jumped down from the edge. The fear was clear in her eyes, she was much smaller in front of it. The wolf could open its mouth and tear her head off at once. Olivia stumbled back on shaky legs, noticing that the animal was only staring at her with bared teeth. In her attempt to get away from the wolf and flee fast, she grabbed one of the boys that had come with her and threw him towards the wolf as a distraction before making a dash for the stairs.

The wolf jumped as well, throwing the boy aside, and pouncing on Olivia, pinning her to the ground with its massive body. It looked like it was starving and was ready to eat her alive. Olivia cried out for help, but all of her friends stepped away from the wolf, petrified. 

The wolf had Olivia in its clutches. She tried to scream, but no sound would come. The wolf stared down at her with his icy burning gaze, and a cold, primal fear ran through Olivia’s body as she started to sob. 

It bent its face down, Olivia cried out in terror as her attacker moved in for the kill. With my heart pounding hard in my chest, I thought he was about to rip Olivia’s head off, but instead, it snatched something out of Olivia’s neck, its claws leaving a nasty gash on her cheek, and then climbing off her body.

With her hand on her cheek, her face red and body trembling in fear, she scrambled on the ground to get up on her feet, and dashed towards the stairs to run away. Her friends followed her as well, running down the stairs. I was on the other side, there was no opening for me to run away from the wolf. 

My breaths were heavy, the giant wolf looked dangerous. Is this the end of me?

It jumped towards me viciously. Thinking it was about to attack me, I shielded myself with my arms. With my mind in utmost turmoil, and my heart throbbing in panic, I waited for the pain to come but it never did. I lowered my arms, staring ahead, only to find the wolf standing still just an inch away from me. That is when I noticed the locket in its mouth!

It was my locket! The same one that I had thought Olivia had thrown down from the roof.

The wolf dropped the locket in front of me. Hesitantly, I lowered my arms, and picked up the locket. 

“Thank you.” I whispered softly, the wolf lowered its head, and pushed in my arms, like comforting me.

My hand slipped to its neck, slipping through its fur that was coarse from outside, but extremely soft from inside. My fingers trembled, but the wolf let out a low, throaty growl, pushing in more towards my touch. 

It slipped its head closer, over my shoulder. Suddenly I felt a coarse, fuzzy sensation run through my whole body starting from my neck. His tongue was licking the same spot where Olivia had inflicted an injury when she had snatched the locket from my neck a while ago.

Slowly, the pain from that injury had started to subside, and the only thing I could feel was the touch of its tongue running over the side of my neck and over my shoulder, caressing me with gentle strokes, sending my whole body in electrifying tingles.

I could feel that it was not going to hurt me, and my heart seemed to be getting attracted to the wild beast. A knot was tied inside me that made it harder for me to breathe properly and just be with him in content. My hands ran over his fur, soothingly stroking his neck, his back and his head. It was leaning in closer to my touch, like wanting more of me anyhow. His fur was long, and shiny white. It caressed the exposed skin of my arms when I stayed rooted to my spot, letting him take the control of getting closer to me.

The fear inside me had long disappeared, an overwhelming emotion of adoration and love spreading through me for the wolf. He helped me and took care of me. How could I be afraid of him now?

When he stepped back, his body getting untangled from mine, he gently bumped his forehead with mine, and a smile came on my lips. Holding his head with both of my hands, I rubbed my forehead with his, and then let him go.

He moved away from me. He turned his head one last time, his eyes boring into mine, and then ran away from there, jumping over the roof and disappearing into the woods.

My racing heart finally started to slow down, my mind coming back to the present and out of the haze that I had gotten lost into. I stood up on my shaky legs, the smile still on my lips, warming my heart and my mom’s locket danging from my fist.


I went to the cafeteria. 

Giggles started to burst everywhere. The whole hall was filled with the sound of me screaming over and over- ‘I am an Alpha- seducing whore.’

Everybody is laughing, the video is playing on everybody’s phone. Their penetrating, nasty stares cutting to me and snickering, smirking. The video had gone viral.

‘She finally showed her true colors.’

‘Is it even a surprise? Look at the way she is dressed! That short skirt and that shirt that is probably the size of a twelve year old child. As soon as she heard Alpha was at school, she ran to the rooftop to gain all the attention she can get with her desperate moves.’

‘What a nasty slut!’

‘I feel disgusted. I have never seen an omega as shameless as her.’

‘Maybe she had tried to seduce the boys at school. Beta Liam is not around anymore, you see? She needs someone else to satisfy her. Maybe I can sleep with her, but the mere thought of getting an STD from her gives me creeps hahaha.’

‘Maybe she likes it rough. We can kidnap her and take her to a back alley in the dark and give her what she is so desperate for. Whore!’

I tried to ignore them, picked up my food from the counter and went on to sit at a table to have lunch. There were still whispers and giggles and laughs going around the lunch hall, calling me a whore for the way I was dressed. I had to just swallow my pride and stuff the food in my mouth, avoiding everyone. It was not like I had not heard worse things about myself, no matter what I did, I was always labeled as one thing or another.

‘I heard Alpha has come to school.’ someone announced to the table filled with teenagers behind me.

‘I saw him. He had come in his car.’

‘What is he doing here? He usually never comes to school. It is always Beta Daniel or someone else for all school related matters. Do you think something big is going to happen?’

‘He allowed sluts to come to the pack. What worse can happen now?’

The talks continued without any regard for my dignity or of other omegas, to be specific. 

I swallowed the anger and tears that threatened to fall. I looked around the hall, all of them were staring at me like I don’t deserve any respect. Their eyes filled with loathing and hatred and nasty, sexualized stares. I have no friend here.

I suddenly noticed Beta Daniel who was sitting at one of the empty tables. So it was true that alpha had come to school?

He was not eating anything so I walked to Beta Daniel, bowed in respect, and asked gently, “Sorry to bother you, Beta Daniel, but I don’t know who else to ask. Can you please arrange a mid sized dress for me? The one I got in the morning is the wrong sized one.”

Beta Daniel’s gaze slid up to stare at my face. His face held an upset stare, his voice aloof as he asked, “Why? Are you already giving up on your seduction game with that short dress of yours?”

The way he was staring at me, I could see that there was no respect or care in his eyes for me. His gaze held distaste like by talking to me he was having to lower his own status. He also thinks that I deliberately wore that damn short dress instead of thinking about who the fuck had arranged that dressed for me and why I had to wear it.

Beta? Hah. 

The anger almost made me blind. I have been enduring and patient, waiting for things to be better again. Yet the last straw finally broke my back. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

I took one step back from him, my head held high as I looked down at his face, my lips set in a smirk, “Yes. I am done. Not too high quality products here. All of you…” I stared at him from the top of his head to the tip of his toe before returning my gaze to meet his eyes, “...are a bunch of morons who take pride in bullying a lonely girl.”

The room went quiet. People started to stare at me and Beta Daniel, their mouths open in disbelief.

His gaze hardened as he snapped at me, baffled, “You are shameless!”

“And you talk like the people who always blame the girl for wearing a short dress when a rape happens instead of blaming the culprits for their actions!” I growled out, storming forward and slapping my hands on the glass table to lean down close to his face, gritting viciously, “You are perhaps more pathetic than me, Beta Daniel, but you don’t hear me say it out loud to your face, do you?”

The look in his eyes shifted within those few seconds. From loathing and disgust, a blank expression covered his face. The room had gotten filled with pin drop silence. None of them had expected me to lash out.

But I was not done. I was furious. And scared. The last sense in my mind had just snapped.

I heard footsteps behind me. His scent entered the hall even before he did. Alpha Alessio was here, but I was not fucking done just yet even if he killed me for it.

I snatched the glass of drink that was in the grasp of Beta Daniel’s hand, and chugged it down. Throwing it back in the middle of the hall so that its shards fell everywhere, I turned my head towards the rest of the people sitting around the canteen, and screamed furiously,

“All of you are a bunch of fucking hypocrites! Just look at yourself in the mirror one day and you will find yourselves nastier than I can ever even attempt to be.”

A boy got up from his seat, growling, “How dare an omeg-”

I snatched the full bottle of juice from the table, lifting it over my head threateningly as I roared, “SHUT your fucking mouth and get back in that seat or you are about to get your face smashed with this!”

He slowly sat back down reluctantly. 

I looked around the table, staring at each of their faces that were not laughing at me anymore.

“None of you liked Alpha Wyatt.” I hissed, my gaze burning into all of them, “he was a rapist. An anti-social sociopath who enjoyed torturing people for FUN! He killed so many people, WHOLE FUCKING FAMILIES in cold blood just because they accidentally spilled some wine on his clothes. He tormented each person in this pack, used to have sex with fucking fifteen years olds that he carried around as his whores, he used whips dipped in wolfsbane to hit us when something pissed him off even a little bit, and he forced us to inflict injuries on our own bodies just so he could watch us cry in agony.”

The reminders of my words seemed to bring bad memories in their eyes, the ghost of what he had done to most of us returning with a vigor, their gazes turning fearful and their eyes staring at me with contempt.

I scoffed, placing the bottle back on the table and taking a step back to stand straight and stare at them, “He did all that, and yet you all act as if he was a saint who should be mourned. You insult me, point your fingers at me- not because I killed that fucking bastard. It is because I am an omega!” I screamed the last words, throwing my hands up in the air, “how dare a mere damn omega to commit such a great task such as murdering a fucking tyrant?!”

I was breathing heavily, my whole body shook with rage. All of them were dumbfounded, silent. None of them now dared to even look at my face.

“You want me to be a slut? Want to watch how I can be an Alpha- whore? Fine! I will give you a damn good show.” I announced viciously, turning on my heels recklessly, and storming off.

With a few steps forward, I was in front of Alpha Alessio. He's just entering the cafe with messy hair. He had an almost gentle look on his face when he saw me. Without thinking too much, grabbing the back of his head, I pulled it down forcefully, and covered his lips with mine, kissing him.

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Sorry further to my previous post, I have found this book somewhere else, BueNovela
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