While preparing the dinner, Diana came to the kitchen, her fingers shook and a fearful expression was on her face. I was worried instantly. Has someone bothered her?

“Alpha Alessio,” her voice trembled, her hand shot up to wipe the sweat off of her forehead, “alpha has just given a new order.”

“What order?” Nia, one of the cooking girls asked worriedly.

What did he do now? Oh god.

“Well, he has ordered that all the omegas have to arrange the dinner at once and place the food on the dining table,” her gaze swept at all of us, whispering in a hushed tone like she was about to spout a blasphemy, “...and then he wants all omegas to sit with other members from now on. Have dinner together.”

“What?!” Nia dropped the pot that she had in her hands, thankfully empty, her mouth open in shock.

I bit my lip, my mind running through all kinds of scenarios and thoughts and the most prominent of all was wondering what the hell was running through Alpha Alessio’s mind?

When he had come here, an
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He’s bringing her out of her struggles
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Mags Hoppe
Wth!??!! Why did it stop?! Damn I was getting into it too. Can’t wait for the updates
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Omg the wait for updates is going to kill me! I need to know what happens lol

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