“You need to go to the Alpha’s room.” as soon as I came out after changing my school dress, Nia sneaked a glance at me and murmured, “your duties as his maid are starting from today. He has just come back from the training ground.”

I changed my path. Instead of going inside the kitchen, I started to walk towards alpha’s bedroom. I was still irritated by the punishment that he had given me. Personal maid? Seriously? Didn’t he already have like hundreds of people working for him at his beck and call?

Moreover, he and I don’t have any relationship except for being ex-mates. Wouldn’t it be awkward?

Deep in thoughts, I reached outside his bedroom earlier than I had wanted to and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” HIs deep voice came from the other side.

Opening the door with my head down, I walked in. Four steps in, and I halted, my eyes widened in shock and I immediately turned around, “Why would you ask me to come in?!”

The man was freaking half naked! He was wearing black pants, but s
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