“Don’t leave out the space behind the bed,” My voice rang from the other side of the room, making Mia’s hand still and take a deep, controlled breath.

I don’t think she knew that I could hear her when she started to curse me under her breath for the fourth time in an hour,

‘Do this. Do that. Don’t do it so slow. Do it faster. The whole freaking time he doesn’t seem to have any other thing to do than to order me around. Even when he is now sitting at a table reading a book like some busybody, he can see what he thinks I am doing wrong like there are eyes on his dumb forehead.’

I clutched the book in my hand tighter, rubbing my lips with my fingers to hide the smile that almost broke out on my lips. But she continued her cursing through gritted teeth under her breath,

‘If he had not been a much better living being than Alpha Wyatt, and more powerful, I would have murdered him the very next day as well.’

What the fuck?

She had also become still suddenly, staring into space
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