Another guard had rushed to stand next to Liam. Both of them grabbed Liam’s arms to drag him away. I could see the look of determination and hatred set in Liam’s eyes for Alessio. I knew he was about to do something disastrous.

From what I had heard so far, one thing was clear that he already had a plan to throw Alessio off his seat. I was not sure how he was going to do that, but there was nothing impossible when there is a will. He took down a monster like Alpha Wyatt. He could take down Alessio as well.

Should I tell Alessio about what Liam was about to do? As someone Liam had put a blind faith in, the guilt of betrayal would crush me. How can you betray your friend that you have known your whole life for someone that you only saw a few weeks ago? How can you let go of a relationship that you have been tied to your whole life for someone else who does not even care about you?

I was in conflict. On one side it was Liam, on the other it was something that I should do for the sake
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goodnovel comment avatar
Totally agree. She should stop being such a stupid dumb idiot. And that kiss get over it, kiss him and make him regret rejecting you. Get rid of Liam such a baby
goodnovel comment avatar
She should have told Alessio. She also should have pointed out angrily that he does not get to kiss what he rejected.

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