With a thudding heart, I paced back and forth in the corridor. I was scared. Terrified, in fact. I could not stop thinking about what Liam had said. I knew he was about to do something disastrous. He was going to harm Alessio. And I did not want him to harm Alessio, not because he was my ex-mate and my feelings for him still kept on rising, but because I genuinely thought he had not done something to deserve getting killed. Behind those snide remarks, smirks, taunts and comments, he did not take advantage of our weakness.

He did snatch the alpha position from us after coming here, but his power was enough to kick us out of the pack immediately. After all, who would want to keep the traitors in the pack? No alpha would ever let a constant danger live in his pack, but Alessio gave us a second chance. Hell, he even let Liam keep his beta position.

I did not want Alessio to get hurt. I also did not want Liam to get hurt but his mindset is already fixed and is not going to change, no matt
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Tracy Williams
This is an awesome read. ...
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I love it .. but it makes me sad she was rejected.. and I wish her wolf was stronger
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Kimberly Latoski
agreed. more per chapter would keep me hooked longer

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