Waking up every day at four am was honestly painful when I had to work and go to sleep at almost twelve am. But since I did not want to be late for school, I tried to finish the breakfast and lunch preparations earlier and then cook after coming back from the training. I was barely getting any sleep, but for the greater good, sacrifices were compulsory.

When I came to the training ground, Mr. Alex had already arrived. We started the training as usual. An hour later, we heard a rustling and the sound of footsteps coming from the woods. We turned around and saw a figure appearing out of the forest, coming closer as the morning sun rays fell on a manly figure that came jogging toward us.

When the figure got closer, and the skin of a very hard muscled naked chest started to shine under the sun, the face became clear. It was Alessio.

Mr. Alex leaned close to my ear, asking in a low voice, “What is alpha doing here?”

Well, dip me in sugar and call me a donut because I was just as clueles
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Omg lol i am dying. Such a great chapter
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Ashley Miles
omg he is so jealous! loving this book
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The alpha is jealous ha ha ha ha

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