“Finally.” Alessio grinned as his palm offered me help climbing up the stairs to enter the hall.

There was a really pleased look on his face and the grin the widest one I had seen recently. He had been so busy in these past couple of days, now seeing him in front of me made me realize how much I had missed him even though we had only been apart a few hours.

“How do I look?” I teased.

“Just needing a prince beside you to complete the look,” he smirked shamelessly.

I slapped his arm, laughing hard, “Wow, look at the self assurance you have!”

“And here I had thought that I was going to be the centre of attraction.” he grinned dramatically and put his hand on the back of my waist, guiding me inside the hall.

I turned my head, staring at him from the top of his head to the bottom of his shoes. His gelled hair set in place, the white, italian suit paired with a black shirt and tie, and the gold cufflinks on his wrists made him look like a prince out of fairytale books. His god-given s
Kara Sin

Me here wondering if anybody still reading this book? ( T-T )

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