My head throbbed in tension and pain while the terrified feeling in my whole body made me shudder. The room started to leave goosebumps on my skin as the coldness of the wall increased with each passing second.

Worry for Lara’s safety was eating me alive from inside. All I could think about was what must be happening to her right now? Would she be okay? Is she hurt? In pain? What if Seth does what he told me? I could not stay here tied up like this! Lara had done everything from me! She did not even know who this bastard is! I could not let her be in danger.

I kept on twisting the ties on my wrists until I could hear the sound of each drop of my blood falling down on the ground bit by bit. I had been screaming for hours for guards. I did not know what excuse I was going to use, but I only needed one of them to com

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