Harry looked like he did not want to, but then seeing the ‘no- negotiation’ look on Seth’ face, he turned around and walked out of the room.

Seth walked up to me, his eyes going from my bandage-wrapped forehead to my severely swollen face which had a huge tape stamped on the one side of my cheek, my neck, down to my arms, wrists, and legs which were also in the same condition. Not broken, but heavily injured and wrapped in bandages to stop the bleeding.

“Harry did a good job on you, it seems.” he smirked, laughing a little as he sat down on the chair next to my bed, “oh Mia… when are you going to learn?”

“Learn what?” I croaked out, even though it hurt my throat and my face like shards of glass were digging inside my skin.

“That anyone in this clan or anyone outside of it can break you into tiny little pieces and throw your body to the dogs without blinking twice.”

“Are you worried about me?” I mocked.

Seth smiled, “Of course. Don’t you see me crying tears of blood here, my sweet sist
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