Alessio drove us home in his car.

He was silent.

I was silent.

I was feeling a good deal of relief. There was the distinct possibility that my life was going to go back to normal. I’d never been a fan of normal, in fact, I avoided it at all costs, but now it sounded really good to me.

I kind of wanted to ask Alessio if it was truly all over but I could tell Alessio didn’t feel in the mood to talk. I could tell this because there were scary “not now” vibes bouncing around inside the car so I figured talking about this later would be better.

Lara was in much better shape than me, thankfully. Since they did not have any use of her, they had just dumped her in a dungeon far away from the main house and gave her food every two days. I was pretty sure that it was not by choice though. Seth was overly cautious of not letting Alessio find him at any cost. Hiding Lara in a dungeon and leaving her there must have been the part of his plan because Lara is a warrior, much stronger and smarter tha
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