Part 2: Chapter 33


My heart is full and bursting right now: everyone has accepted me as part of the pack! I must admit that it’s still odd to think of myself as a werewolf or shifter of any kind. I, a once arrogant and proud Mafia princess, accepted into a great family such as this.

I must be dreaming.

Not only that, but Caterina removed the scars from my face! I nearly passed out from the shock when I saw my reflection! She didn’t even need to do it, since I’ve come to terms with my scars, but seeing my old face made me realise how much I have missed it!

Call me vain, but I missed my own beauty. But this time around, I know that I will not be as arrogant as I used to be since every woman standing next to me is exceptionally beautiful.

Although right now, I am feeling extremely self-conscious standing naked in front of them as they try to give me advice.

“Okay, Arya, I want you to close your eyes and look at your wolf; make eye contact and do not blink. She will know what to do from there,”

“Oh, d
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Roni Astle
I thought the pregnant ones couldn’t change?

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