Part 2: Chapter 34


They say a Volkov mating ceremony always ends in at least one death, but as I fall down on Dimitri’s chest after the fifth round, the only death that can be reported is mine. This man is insatiable, truly and wouldn’t let up after he Claimed me with his bite.

The bite itself wasn’t painful at all; it felt like a missing piece of my soul being put back. After that, everything felt natural and beautiful, even our animalistic sounds that echoed all around us.

The ceremony was beautiful, too; I don’t think I ever cried as much as I did when Caterina read the vows and her prayers. Apparently, ours was her very first ceremony, and it left her in tears as well. And even though I’m no longer human, Dimitri still had a tungsten ring with a black gemstone made for me.

Everything is just completely perfect.

“What are you thinking about so intently?” Dimitri’s voice cuts through my thoughts, and I look up at him.

“Just how perfect everything has been for the last three days,” I say, bre
J. Tarr

Hey everyone! The reason for my sporadic updates is that I am editing the last few chapters of Dimitri and Arya's story as well as writing Alpha Fenriz. We'll be reaching the end of part 2 tomorrow, are you guys ready? ^_^ Oh, I am sure you noticed that I didn't include the entire Ceremony in this chapter as it basically the same as Cat and Nova's; I'm sure you didn't want to pay for a repeat of those chapters. For those following me on Insta and FB, what did you think of Alpha Fenriz's cover reveal??

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Hune Maui
my Fav author !! ...
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Hune Maui
brilliant ...
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Kay Bram
Loved all the books in this series sad to see the characters go 🥲. Can’t wait to see what new stories and adventures you have in store for us!!!!

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