Nikolai and Nova Epilogue


I knew as soon as I set my eyes on Nova that she would change the entire trajectory of my life - and I wasn’t wrong. Not only has she changed my life for the better, but she’s added more colour to it.

And I don’t mean the whirlwind that is my son, Sage.

Every aspect of our lives changed drastically when we discovered that Nova’s womb had been healed and that she was pregnant with our firstborn. Her pregnancy was not an easy one, so after Sage’s birth, we decided to keep it to one child only.

Yet as I watch her sleep with one hand on her swollen belly, I wonder where the hell that decision went.

“Time to wake up, little Rogue,” I try to coax her awake, but she swats my hand away.

“Nooo…” she complains, covering her head with a pillow. “I barely slept last night.”

“Bullshit, you went to bed at seven and kept me awake by imitating a chainsaw all damn night. The one who really deserves sleep is me!” I say, ripping the pillow from her face and watching as her face reddens.

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Monete Singleton
I was actually cool with Nikolai and nova not having kids, because I don’t understand how her womb healed when she had a hysterectomy what the goddess gave her a whole new uterus or something?

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