"I met with an accident earlier today and my great son who doesn't use his brain decides to invite people for dinner. Great, just great!" Mom ranted as she placed the plates on the table, "now I have to cook for not only four person but seven with a broken arm. I love you, Mason, do you hear me? I fucking love you! Note the sarcasm."

Mason flashed her a guilty smile, "I might have forgotten that you had an accident earlier," he scratched the back of his neck, "you know they don't eat much."

"They don't eat much?" Dad repeated, raising his brows, "fine, Ace doesn't eat much but his parents? God damn, they eat like pigs!"

"How about you call them and cancel the whole dinner thing?" I suggested to my brainless family, "or we can order online."

My mom pointed her finger at me with her eyes wide as if I suggested the best idea, "great idea! Order, quick! Order something! Anything!"

"I'm not ordering anything," I chuckled, shaking my head, "it's Macy's guests so he orders." Mason let out an annoyed groan before taking out his phone. He then dialed a number and ordered pizzas as well as drinks.

"Ace just texted me. He said they'll be here in twenty minutes." Mason spoke while staring down at his phone's screen.

"Ivy!" Mom suddenly shouted making me snap my head in her direction, alerted. I frowned when I saw her staring at me wide-eyed.

Fuck woman, I thought she was dying. Why did she even shout? I was three feet away from her for the love of god-

"Look at what you're wearing," she pointed at my outfit. I had a pair of shorts and a strapless crop top. I looked down at what I was wearing before looking back at her, "what's wrong?"

"Change into something more representative," she said, "these people are very rich."

"Funny, we are rich too." I retorted with a scoff. Dad rolled his eyes, "come on, you're practically naked."

"You haven't seen naked then," I replied and watched as he rolled his eyes again. Didn't they hurt?

"Do you want to be eye raped?" Mom questioned, raising her brows. I shrugged, "I dunno. Depends on the guy. Is he hot?" I questioned Mason who nodded with a smirk, "very, he's into tongues."

"Did you just admit finding your best friend hot?" I questioned, raising my brows at my brother with a smirk, "does someone have a little crush on his best friend? Are you gay?"

"No, Anastasia, I'm not gay," he mimicked making me laugh, "and for your kind information, I've got a girlfriend."

I gasped dramatically, "you do?"

He nodded with a smirk, "she's currently out of country. She'll be back though."

"She's probably cheating on you," I replied with a scoff before grinning, "I can't wait to meet that imaginary girl!"

"She'll return in two days and trust me, she's very real. I fucked her." He said proudly making me gag, "No sister wants to know that!" I then felt something cold hitting my back making my eyes widen. What the actual fuck?

"Oops," mom muttered, placing the glass of water aside, "looks like you gotta change now. Off you go!"

I gritted my teeth before walking away. She actually threw water on my clothes to make me change! I'm stuck with my lunatic family. Might as well get used to it again.

I went to my room, slamming the door shut behind me. I then opened my wardrobe and took out a shirt along with a pair of jeans. I slid a leather jacket on since we'd be having dinner outside and it was pretty cold outside.

After passing the brush in my hairs a few times, I went downstairs.

"I hope this clothes are good enough for you folks because I'm not changing again. I'll just walk around nake-" I cut myself off, my eyes widened when they fell on three unfamiliar people standing there,"-oh my god."

I saw the three staring at me with amusements in their eyes. I bit my lip, embarassed.

"Naked?" My eyes fell on the hottest guy I've ever laid eyes on. He had a a sharp jawline with black hairs and blue eyes. He had a black shirt and a leather jacket on with his sleeves rolled up revealing his completely tattooed arms and a dragon tattoo on his neck. He had rings in his fingers and necklaces on. "I wouldn't mind that." His voice broke my from my stare. My eyes met his and he smirked, "hey, there."

"And that's my sister, Ivy," Mason introduced with a chuckle as he walked towards me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I shot them a nervous smile, "nice to meet you."

The woman who was standing next to the hot guy walked towards me before hugging me which took me by surprise. "It's so nice to finally meet you! Mason talks about you all the time! My name Rose Romano," she then broke the hug, "and that's my husband Vincenzo and my son, Ace."



Ivy was so fucking beautiful.

Definitely the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. She had long wavy brown hairs and green eyes with pink soft lips begging to be kissed. I don't know for how many minutes I've been staring at her but hearing my mom say my name broke my out of my trance.

"...and my son, Ace."

"I'm Ace and best buddies with your bro," I flashed her a smile, "nice to meet you, Ivy."

She smiled back, "likewise, Ace."

"She knows you're my best friend, Ace," Mason spoke, rolling his eyes, "I already told her."

"You know I like to do my own introductions," I said, moving my eyes from Ivy to Mason, "best friend." I then looked at Mr and Mrs Reed, "good to see you two again, all well and fine but still not mentally stable."

Mason's and Ivy's parents broke out into a fit of laughter. Mason shot me a glare while my parents nervously laughed, all while shooting daggers at me with their eyes. I glanced at Ivy who looked amused.

"Ah, Ace! You and your jokes...anyway it's great to see you guys again!" Rick Reed spoke once he caught his breath, placing an arm on his wife's lower back. Florence just smiled sweetly at us before she pointed to the door behind me.

"What? You already want us to leave?" I questioned, raising my brows. Florence let out a chuckle before shaking her head, "of course not! We are having dinner in the backyard."

"So you wouldn't have to clean the house after. Very wishful thinking." I commented, nodding. My dad placed his hand on my shoulder, squeezing it tightly before whispering, "Ace, behave."

"Me and my jokes..." I let out a fake chuckle staring at Mr and Mrs Reed who laughed heartedly while shaking their heads.

Just to clarify things, I was not joking.

"Why don't you guys go and sit down while we bring the food?" Mr Reed suggested to which we nodded and went outside.

I followed the others outside with my hands in my pocket. They had set up a table outside I sat down on a blank seat only to have my parents sitting on each of my sides. Must they embarass me like that? I'm not some sort of kid, now am I?

I groaned before standing up. I'm not letting them treat me like some sort of kid. I took a seat next to Mason and smirked at my parents who rolled their eyes. My dad stood up and took the seat in which I was previously sitting on, getting next to my mom.


I entered the backyard, my eyes falling on Mason, Ace and his parents who were all sitting at the table. I placed six boxes of pizzas on the table. There were four chairs on each side. I took a seat next to Mason, Mrs Romano in front of me. She shot me a smile which I politely returned.

She was a beautiful lady with blonde hairs and blue eyes while her husband had black hairs and Hazel coloured eyes. The resemblance between Mr Romano and Ace were insane. Ace got his blue eyes from his mom and black hair from his dad; he was the perfect combination of the two.

Seconds later, my parents came in carrying plates and drinks. After placing them on the table they took their seats next to each other beside Mr Romano. I was sitting at the end of the table, Mason was in between me and Ace who had his legs crossed on the other chair and his head resting against Mason's arm with his phone in his hands. He really didn't give a fuck as to where he was or that his parents were present. He just say what he wants, do what he wants and where he wants.

"Ace, behave yourself." Mr Romano spoke in a low yet ordering tone.

"Why are you two being such bores? They're practically family. They aren't minding. They aren't complaining then why are you?" Ace asked, raising his brows at his parents who shared a look before shrugging.

My dad reached out to open the box before we all took a slice of pizza. Ace sat up straight and placed his phone on the table before taking a slice also.

"Dominos, isn't it?" He questioned making my parents' cheek redenned. My mom cleared her throat before muttering, "yes. I couldn't cook because of my hand."

"I'm not complaining," Ace quickly said, "I just wanted to confirm. When Mason invited us, I knew we would be eating some ordered food because of your recent accident," he shot Mason a knowing look, "he is, after all, stupid."

"Indeed," dad nodded in agreement, "he really is. But we're glad you people are here."

"Tell me, Ivy, I heard from Mason that you've been away for two years. Why's that?" Mrs Romano asked while taking a bite of her pizza.

I cleared my throat in attempt to get rid of the piece of food stuck there before replying calmly, "I was studying abroad."

"Oh, that's amazing!" Mr Romano exclaimed, "what were you studying?"

Something named; none of your business.

"Business," I replied with a curt nod before resuming my food. I shoved a big piece of food in my mouth so that they wouldn't ask me any more questions, noticing I was busy eating.

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