3: She's my mate

Kayla’s POV

The silence that engulfed the class was too much as he just stood there and stared at me. My heart was thudding violently wondering what this was about,or maybe I was just not properly processing how a man could be this attractive without even trying. 

As he stood in front of me, I noticed how he seemed like the direct opposite of Aidan. He had ebony black, thick, messy long hair that stopped just above his shoulder as opposed to Aidan’s short, blond hair that was always neatly slicked back.

He was bigger and taller than Aidan and though he was fully clothed in white sleeves that he rolled up, showing his strong arms and sky-blue Jean pants, I could still tell that he had a sexy body.

Besides, the three buttons in his shirt that he left unbuttoned was more or less a clear testament to that fact. And then his silver eyes…no one should ever look that good with an eye color so rare.

“ Hector, what the hell? Are you nuts?” His friend Devon asked him, pulling him by the arm but he resisted Devon’s pulls and placed his hands on my desk, I stared at his veins for a brief moment before I looked away, cursing myself for being so obvious. 

While he watched me, I still didn’t breathe. Nervousness got the best of me as I hoped that he would not say that I am his mate and make people hate me even more for being too goddamn lucky. 

“ You were saying something about her scent…” Aidan said, standing beside me and then crouching so he could get Hector’s attention. Hector's eyes stealthily moved from me and then to Aidan, the way his focused his attention back on me sent chills through my body.

“ Never mind, It’s not her scent. It’s probably coming from somewhere else entirely…” he was saying as his eyes searched something none of us saw, the next second, he was gone. That was a Rogue thing…they are very fast.

“ That was Hector by the way.” Izzy said with a proud smile. 

“Hmm...I see. Why don’t you have your seats and we’ll  start with advanced strategizing..” Mr Sawyer said. 

As I brought out my notebook, others groaned but Aidan’s scent distracted me instantly and I could tell it was his because it was a totally different scent from the one Hector had.

“ What the hell are you doing here?” I asked, glaring into his blue eyes fiercely, even though I secretly wanted him to kiss me more than anything.

“ Come on… that guy was staring at you like… like he wanted you. He even talked about your scent!” Aidan said, throwing his hands in the air dramatically before frowning at me.

“ Well, I have no idea why he would do any of those things since I didn’t feel the same way. Besides, shouldn’t you be with the girl you chose instead of me?” 

“ I never chose - “

“ Aidan…would you like me to send you to a very early detention this morning?” Mr Sawyer asked sternly. Even if he was a calm man, whenever he got angry it is usually disastrous. 

Aidan sighed and was quiet the entire time until the class ended. I quickly dashed out of class with Becka so that I would get changed into my training fit  and headed straight for the training field. It was an open field without any shade at all, except where the combat masters sat as they watched us train. 

Most of us where seated on the ground so I searched for Becka. When I found her, she was being flirty with Devon and I couldn’t help but get repulsed at it. He was so…obviously evil. I don’t know why I had that feeling about him but I did anyway. 

“ Alright, everyone listen up!” Tyron our Tier 1 combat master said and we all stood up. I started to hear gasps and giggles from Daphne’s side of the field, Daphne was more or less April’s biggest rival, they competed for everything. 

When I saw the reason for the giggles and squeals coming from her direction and around her I knew she was not to blame. Hector was too attractive…it was just too much.

If I’m right about April and Daphne then they’re probably secretly competing for who will catch Hector’s attention the most. 

I sighed, knowing that was the type of girl that Aidan is having difficulty to get rid of. If Hector kissed April here and now, she would kiss him back! Deep down I hoped he would do that so that Aidan would be angry, he will finally realize that April is just using him. 

She’s always had a long history of dating the hottest wolf at school and when Aidan turned seven- no eighteen, she took her shot.

“ Today, training will be as usual very light and basic. It’s the first day of school after all but as you all know. Our Alpha Kent is being plotted against, we all need to be better at fighting – I mean, you all need to be better because the combat masters are phenomenal fighters, you all are just the ones who can’t seem to learn right.” Tyrone said and I sighed. 

This would be one of their “ light and basic” training where I get my ass kicked terribly. I wasn’t sure if I want to let Sapphire get pissed right now but if I skip today’s class that would lead me to detention where I might actually lose my mind! 

“ Since we all have been teaching you and you’ve not shown admirable improvement – if you doubt this go back in time to last year’s inter-pack combat event where you were thrashed, thanks to Aidan at least that you guys had a score.” he said with an exaggerated shudder.

“ That gave the impression to certain packs that Redwolf pack is losing its Glory and we can't allow that! You all need to become ruthless in combat and so in order to do that someone very important will be helping you out. This is a practice that once helped Alpha Kent form a wonderful and strong alliance with Baynes -the Rogue who saved us from a great enemy. Though he died a terrible death, we will be every grateful…” 

I ignored the stares that came my way when Tyrone mentioned Baynes, my father. He was a Rogue but not just any Rogue , he was the most notorious one – he and my mom.

“ So…what I am saying is that –“

“ – that I will be taking the combat class under the supervision of Tyrone and your other combat masters from now on" Hector interrupted before he quickly said in addition, "Sorry but we don’t have all day” when he saw the questioning look Tyrone gave him. With his hands on his waist, he looked at us as everyone murmured in disbelief. Why would Alpha Kent send a young, teenage Rogue to train his people's children? - that was the question on everyone's mind and I believed Hector knew this. He just didn't seem to care.

“ Look, fighting isn’t as hard as your combat masters make it out to be. You just need three rules here –“

“ – I’m sorry, am I to believe that a Rogue will be training us?” Aidan interrupted Hector. I saw Hector’s eyes flash a strange color before he feigned a smile and said, “ If you have a problem with that then I guess you should teach your mates yourself. After all, I heard you’re the only fairly decent fighter on this … team.” He said, his hair moving in whatever direction the wind blew while he gave Aidan a stern look.

“ I'm not fairly descent, I'm terrific in combat and yes, I would rather teach them than have them answer to a rogue”  

“ Aidan stop. Your father ordered this, this isn’t your business” Hugh, another of our combat trainer said. 

“ As far as I’m concerned, that rule doesn’t apply to me. I don’t need it,” Aidan retorted.

“ Not everyone is as good as you in a fight Aidan, allow them to learn.” Ciara added, placing her hands on his chest - something she does when any of us gets too angry during training, it usually always calms down their temper and it worked today on Aidan because he backed off.

I stared at Hector, wondering how he composed himself. Aidan’s father, alpha Kent said that in Raynigh - a rogue town where Hector comes from, if an order is given and you interrupt like Aidan just did then you will be done for. They had the worst kind of disciplinary measures too but Aidan’s father didn’t tell me any of them.

“ Now that daddy’s boy is done proving that he is indeed just a pompous ass, I’d like to continue my statement...” 

I didn’t know why but I smiled a little when I heard Aidan grunt because Hector called him a daddy's boy.

“ ... The first thing you need to ace when fighting an opponent is your fighting stance. If it’s weak then you’re done for. So, today we will start by working on your stance first of all.” 

“ That’s what we’re gonna do all day? Are you kidding me?” Aidan interrupted again.

“ Yes, twinkle toes, that’s what we’re gonna be doing because I watched all your clips – all of you that represented your pack last year at the tournament…” he said pointing at Aidan, April and Daphne as well as other top ranking wolves.

“You all failed woefully and forty-five percent of that was due to poor fighting stance!" Hector declared, folding his arms as he approached Aidan slowly before he said, " Now shut your mouth and learn because you don’t know the first thing about how to kill a man. You’ve not gotten to that state where you taste another man’s blood on your skin but you don’t feel a thing because you know they had it coming. If you’ve ever experienced that then you’re allowed to talk to me OR even interrupt me twinkle toes. Until then, shut... the... fuck... up”.

His eyes were now sharp silver and there was a very frightening and dark look in his eyes as he glared at Aidan.

Aidan looked at the ground and then he looked up, his face was expressionless but it was enough to slightly pacify Hector because he knew he'd put Aidan in his place.

Hector ran his hands through his hair and took off his tank top. I tried not to look so in awe by his body but I failed. Sure he was toned and muscular but the scars on his back was enough evidence that Hector had killed and almost been killed. 

“ Now, this is the right stance for a fight. Do you see that? Good. I want to see you all do that now!” he barked and everyone imitated his stance. He went round correcting everyone with the wrong stance. 

I observed that when he corrected someone, Ciara would write something in her note – she was already assessing us! 

“ Stand less like a weirdo.” He said as he walked past Aidan, he didn’t even look his way yet he already saw flaws in Aidan. 

I panicked when he started to get close to where Becka and I were standing. All I thought was, if he could find a flaw in Aidan then I’m screwed. It didn’t also help that I couldn’t focus all of sudden because Hector’s scent was toying with me again. 

“ I don’t even know what the hell it is that you’re doing right now. Put your legs this way and then –“ He was saying to Becka but he suddenly stopped and stared at me. 

He sighed and lifted my chin with his index finger so that I would meet his gaze. When I did, I let out the breathe I’d been holding and his scent devoured me inside out. 

“ Your scent is…how is this possible?” he asked in a whisper, looking amazed but I just wanted him to hold me in his arms and kiss me. The fact that this was what crossed my mind startled me and he must’ve senses my body language too because he bit his lip and brushed my lips slightly with his finger, his lips twitching in a half smile. 

After training ended, I couldn’t stop thinking about Hector. How he looked at me, how his gaze softened and he almost smiled, how he brushed his finger against my lips…he was such a tease but why were we so attracted to each other? 

I already have a mate don’t I?  

This was still going through my head as I changed into my normal fits when Julia, one of Daphne’s minion announced excitedly as she entered the girl’s locker room, " guys Aidan and Hector are fighting!"

“ Wait what?!” Daphne asked and then she ran out, followed by other girls. As much as I was worried about why they could be fighting, I made sure that I was completely dressed before I went in the direction of two men growling at each other.

“ Stop it both of you!” I heard Luna Tia say and I froze. Oh she would not like that a Rogue and her son were…arguing. I observed as I stood on the tip of my toes to see Aidan and Hector, that they didn't fight physically. 

“ Why on Earth are you two fighting huh?” she asked angrily.

I genuinely couldn’t understand why they would fight. Wasn’t the tension during the training bad enough.

“ He should stay away from Kayla!” Aidan barked at Hector who stared daggers at hjm. Tia's eyes started to search for me but I was so flushed, she would know that I and her son are mates and I wasn’t certain that she would like it. 

“ Wait…you two are arguing over Kayla? Why?” she asked in a weary tone when she saw me.

The both of them sighted me and Aidan sniffed in the air wildly, a few seconds later he was standing in front of me, his hands were wrapped around my waist as he breathed heavily and said the last word I expected from him, " Mate," 

My cheeks become warm and I knew I must’ve blushed too hard, but my heart slammed against my chest soon after because Hector was standing behind me and his hands was also on my waist, slightly above Aidan's hands and his lips brushed my ears sending shivers down my body as he said in a deep, hoarse voice filled with desire I've never known "Mate". 

I could hear Sapphire go wild as she said," we have two mates!" but I was more terrified than excited.

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