5: An unfriendly confrontation

Kayla's POV

When I turned around and saw that Aidan was still shirtless, I realized they must’ve figured out what we were doing. Embarrassment washed all over me as we all stood there silently – not Aidan though, he was unbothered. He opened the refrigerator and poured himself a glass of water, drank it in one gulp, and then poured another and walked up to me before handing me the glass of water. 

I didn’t know what to do so I just held the glass cup in my hand and looked at the floor. Aidan stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist before kissing my cheek, it betrayed me and must’ve become so red as I blushed because Tia seemed even more surprised than before.

“ Aidan! We are literally in front of you!” she finally said, pulling him away from me and standing between us.

“ So what? She’s my mate, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Aidan rebelled but all it took was one look from his father for him to behave.

“ Is that why you two almost had sex?” He asked coldly.

“ Dad- “

“ Be quiet, just because you two are mated does not mean you can do that – at least not yet.”

“ Why not?”

“ Because she’s got two mates Aidan, TWO! Sleeping with one means she has chosen him and frankly, I don’t think she is ready to choose one yet.” Tia said, she looked at me with a worried expression but I quickly avoided eye contact with her.

“ Kayla, you would choose me right?” he asked but I couldn’t answer. I wanted to but…I couldn’t. 

“ Kayla…” 

“ I don’t know Aidan, please just stop,” I said, walking past him and running to my room upstairs. 

Throughout the rest of the day, I kept thinking about what his father said about me choosing one. I knew it was selfish of me to have thought that when Aidan and Hector came out of the office with smiles on their faces, it meant they were both willing to share me as their mate. What a selfish thought! 

I guess April was right about me being an abnormality, I probably was never meant to have two mates and I must choose one because that is how it must be. 

Later in the evening, Tia woke me up from my sleep and took me to Becka’s house. “ You have to stay here for a while. You and Aidan must not have sex unless you choose him, okay?” she said when she dropped me off there. 

Becka was asleep, only her mom was awake. She showed me to my room and I lay down there for about an hour tossing from side to side on the bed because I wasn’t familiar with that place. Eventually, I closed my eyes and slept off, dreaming of something that calmed me.

The sound of someone’s shrill scream got my eyes wide open as I sat up on the bed and looked around the room. When I saw that I was not in my room and Becka was the one who had let out that scream, I knew that the events of yesterday weren’t a dream. I was still a plain girl with two mates who everyone except a few hates. 

“ Why didn’t you tell me you were coming over?!” Becka asked as she shook me violently and kissed me everywhere on my face. Since her breath didn’t smell bad I didn’t complain. 

“ Luna Tia brought me here last night, you were already fast asleep by then,” I said with a shy smile as I scratched my neck. 

“ I’m so happy! But…why’d she bring you here though. That’s weird, don’t you think?” she asked, staring at me with curious eyes.

“ Umm…Aidan and I aren’t allowed to have sex,” I said, speaking as low as I could.

“ Oh…so they think he can’t find you here?” she asked, finding it hard to believe. 

“ I didn’t really get an explanation but I guess so. Your brother and Aidan did have a big disagreement once right?” 

“ Big enough to keep Aidan away from you? Nah…I don’t think so.” She said but the suspicious look quickly left her face as she hugged me again and said, “ quick, let’s get ready for school together!” 

I smiled and got down from the bed but I almost stumbled because of a bag on the floor. “ One of the betas brought your things this morning. That’s how I knew you were around.” Becka said before pulling me with her to the bathroom I would use. 

“ Who’s this?” her brother Nigel asked, he was always so inquisitive and nosy, that was why Aidan disliked him. According to stories and gossip I’ve heard, Nigel rejected his mate and married a human girl, bringing “ shame” to his family. Because of that Becka’s family was mocked a lot. It also didn’t help that Nigel lived most of his life as a human after marrying the human girl – he found a way to lock his werewolf side. 

“ she’s my friend AND she’s staying with us for a while. By the way, don’t you have somewhere to be?” Becka said defiantly while I watched as he glared at me and picked up his traveling bag. 

“ I didn’t know you had friends. Good thing that my little act of freedom didn’t destroy your chances of making one,” He said before he left. 

Becka scoffed and pointed to the bathroom. “ you bathe in here while I bathe in my bathroom.” 

“ Is this the one your…brother used?” I asked uncomfortably. I mean, I don’t know why I was concerned if her brother used it but I had a feeling it was because of some nasty stories Aidan had told me about Nigel when we were younger. 

“ No silly, this is the one visitors use. I think my mom washed it since…we barely have visitors. Anyway, we’re running late!”

After getting ready and helping Becka take out her twists, I watched her style her hair and beam a big smile at herself when she saw how full and curly it came out. 

“ So this is how you do it, I’ve always wondered…” I said and smiled at her because of her contagious laughter. 

“ Why didn’t you ask if you’ve always wondered?” she asked before she kept the comb and oils she used on her hair inside her drawer.

“ I didn’t know if you’d find me weird for asking,” I said.

“ No, I wouldn’t. You’re my friend!” she said calmly before she added, “ you’re the only one I’ve ever allowed to touch my hair. It’s so annoying when others do it just for fun but you’ve never done that.”

“ Thanks,” I said before her mom tapped on the door and announced, “ Breakfast is ready!” 


After breakfast at Becka’s house, we walked to school since her house was very close to school. In no time we were there. Everything was going according to normal, people didn’t stare at me as much as I’d thought – now that was weird, I know, but I was grateful for it. 

Immediately after I entered the school, the hall became silent. It was as if they planned it as if it was rehearsed or something. “ Why do they keep doing this?” I asked Becka. 

“ They’re just jealous. Forget about it, it’s not a big deal, I’m here for you okay? Just stick with me,” she said, facing me and placing her hands on my shoulders as she gave me a reassuring look. 

“ Thanks, Becka,” I said before I shut my eyes, took in a deep breath, and followed her until I got to my locker. The way people were staring at me made me suspect foul play. They were so in sync with how they would stop talking and watch if I’d open the locker. 

They would look away if I made eye contact with any of them and then hold back their laughter. “ Students, don’t forget to turn in your essays about the origin of Lycans, remember it is a general school assignment regardless of your Tier and it will account for forty percent of your rank this semester” Mr. Bentley announced, and suddenly the school was thrown into panic. 

Why would he announce something like that so suddenly when we usually submit such write-ups in the middle of the semester? I looked and found everyone searching their lockers for a pen and a paper and then scrambling to get it done. Being a huge nerd, I had already done mine during Mr. Mitchell’s boring class on combat physics, just to get my mind off the fact that Aidan didn’t seem to care about our mate bond at first.

Becka seemed to have totally forgotten me as she also opened her locker and ran off to the library probably to get hers done. I knew I had to get mine out so that she could copy some of my work too. Just as I opened my locker, someone pulled me aside and I watched as green gooey liquid gushed out of a large balloon that deflated as more goo poured out of it.

I stared in horror, knowing that I was indeed right about something being fishy, and the look of disappointment on some of their faces confirmed my suspicion. 

“ Oh, I’m sorry guys, I just found out from April that the assignment is due in a month. Sorry for the misunderstanding.” Mr. Bentley announced through the intercom. Immediately after his announcement ended there was silence. Until April came toward me and looked over the goo on the floor. 

“ Well, that’s unfortunate. All those books destroyed and all, I wonder who could’ve done that.” She asked while I stared at her, completely dumbfounded by how obsessed she was with ruining my life. 

I looked at the person who had saved me from the goo, it was Oliver. Bless his soul, he was the most bullied kid at the school, yet he saved me from something that’s nothing compared to what he’s suffered at the hands of April. 

“ Thanks,” I said to him before he scurried away. 

“ Why?” 

April folded her hands and blinked many times because she found it hard to believe that I was questioning her. 

“ I’m sorry, why are you asking me that?” she asked, smiling so prettily and innocently as if every single being here wasn’t in on her plan. 

“ You really hate me that bad?” 

“ Oh…it seems you think I’m responsible for this disaster. Well, I am, Kayla, what are you gonna do about it?” she asked, pushing me so hard that I fell into the puddle of goo. 

“ That’s right, you can’t do anything and it’s because abnormalities like you don’t even know what they are! So, consider this my way of putting you in order, because you belong in a green puddle of goo and you’ll always be a –“ 

She couldn’t finish her sentence because someone poured a gallon of green, sticky goo all over her. She tried to run but he tripped her and she fell on the floor while he emptied the remaining content of the gallon on her and threw it aside. 

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Kiera J
Now that's probably the most romantic thing I've ever read.
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Love he fact you’re chapters are a good length… 9 pages or there shouts is great!

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