6: Controversial Partners

Kayla's POV

My eyes searched for who it was that poured the good on April and my heart skipped a beat when I saw that it was Hector. His eyes carried so much contempt and spite as he looked at April, he was dressed in all white from head to toe that I nearly thought it was an angel who saved me.

“ I brought the rest of the goo for you April didn’t want to waste it.” He said, putting his hands in his pocket as he glared at her intensely. Even with all the splashing, a single whip of goo didn’t even touch him.

“ What the hell is wrong with you?!” she shrieked as she got up and wiped her face so she could take a look at Hector.

“ Hey, get up, take my hand,” Becka said as she extended a hand to me and pulled me up.

“ I should be asking you that question since you orchestrated a prank that the whole school was in on, just so you could embarrass a girl that has never bothered you before”

“ And how the hell would you know that she doesn’t bother me huh? How do you know?”

“ But it
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