7: " I can't choose"

Kayla's POV

I sighed and exhaled, trying to focus on what our mission was. When he was done assigning the first batch to a rogue, he told us our paths and immediately started the timer while we all swung to action. It was hard keeping up with Aidan and Hector as they ran but they would occasionally slow down so I could catch up to them.

“ Stop!” Aidan said. Hector and I stopped and he took in a deep breath

“ we’re wasting our time. I can’t think straight because all I smell right now is her,” Aidan said pointing at me.

“ Kayla, just save us the trouble and choose one of us. It’s not that hard is it?” Aidan asked. I looked at Hector but he said nothing, he just looked away from me and faced a different direction.

“ Say something, Kayla.” He said, coming closer to me. “ it was even worse when I woke up and you weren’t home. I got so mad at my parents this morning, they shouldn’t separate us.. “ he said before his eyes trailed off to my lips.

“ This is not the time Aidan,” Hector poin
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