8; A place to think

Kayla's POV

I came out of the woods with Aidan and Hector behind me. Aidan told Hector to just show us where the hidden item was but Hector said that it would be suspicious if we come out with the item because he and the other rogues hid it so well that no one would find it. To keep things neutral, we came out empty-handed.

Hector escorted the next batch of wolves into the woods and Aidan hung with Jason and the rest of his friends. We all acted as if we didn’t just spend almost fifteen minutes in intimate sexy acts.

“ Are you okay?” Becka asked when I returned. She must’ve seen how much I was holding my breath trying to keep myself from latching onto Hector’s arm as he went with two girls inside the woods. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so jealous about it if it was another girl but the fact that it was Daphne and Gale put me in a bad mood.

When we were done with training, Tyrone was disappointed that none of us during the time given, was able to find the hidden items. He eventually t
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